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Available in “Nut Brown” Dark shade, Creocote is ideally suited to protect and improve the appearance of rough woods such as sheds, fences and barns and provides excellent surface water repellency, so restricting weather damage.


Creocote is a very reliable and easy to apply oil-based treatment for exterior wood. It protects wooden fences, gates, sheds and barns from weather damage, rotting fungi and wood destroying insects. Creocote has the same characteristic odour and dark brown colour as traditional creosote but without all the nasty chemicals.



Available in “Nut Brown” Dark shade, this creosote substitute is ideally suited to rough woods on sheds, fences and barns and provides excellent surface water repellency and so restricts weather damage.

Creocote can be used on a variety of exterior woods not only to protect and preserve but also to improve grain definition. The product also exhibits the characteristic odour familiar to traditional creosote users. Creocote can be applied exactly like its predecessor by either brush or spray, and can be used by the general public as well as the trade. It is available in either 4, 20 or 205 litre containers.

We also stock traditional Creosote but only to professional users, and supplied in a minimum of 25 litre or 200 litre barrels. (The sale of this effective wood protection is governed by EU environmental and health and safety legislation and can only be sold to trade account customers)