About The GBS Zero Motul Edition

Earlier in the year, we announced a new partnership project with bespoke UK car manufacturer, Great British Sports Cars (GBS): the MOTUL-EDITION GBS ZERO. The lightweight hand-crafted sportscar has now been built with the Nottinghamshire engineering company, and had an exciting public reveal at the end of July during The Classic at Silverstone.

The Motul-Edition GBS Zero features a host of Motul-inspired design features unique to this partnership but, even more than this, the whole build features Motul involvement. GBS is proud of its in-house engineering capabilities and manufactures the vast majority of components from scratch, using Motul throughout the various processes. From its machining of metal billets through all of the necessary turning, drilling and assembly processes to the first fill of all lubricants, as the final part of the car’s journey to finished automobile, Motul products have been used throughout.

We believe this is the first car in the world to be made and run on lubricants from the same manufacturer, in this case Motul. From cutting oils to hydraulic fluids used in the manufacturing process to make all the parts, to fluids used throughout the car, including: engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, greases and even Witham screenwash, this car is made to a performance standard with bespoke specifications.

The ultra-lightweight Zero sportscar is powered by a 2.5 litre Ford Duratec engine, specially prepared by Neil Brown Engineering, the company that provides the motive power for the UK FIA Formula 4 championship - a series where Motul is proud to be the lubricant partner, providing the spec engine oil for all competitors. With a 240BHP unit, a dry sump oil system, ATR throttle bodies and a kerb weight of only 500kg, the Motul-Edition GBS Zero will have a power to weight ratio of almost 500BHP/Tonne, which makes itextremely rapid!


Great British Sportscars have built the car with a whole range of specialised Motul branded parts. Therefore, along with its livery, Motul is uniquely sculpted onto, or etched into, the brake calipers, headlamp covers, interior upholstery and even the chassis itself.

Going forward the GBS Zero Motul Edition will be used to promote Motul products and British engineering and will be seen with customers and our drivers and race teams, throughout the UK. The car is fully Motul branded with a unique livery design which was chosen after running a national competition. The winner of the best design idea for the car was Martin Lines from Bedfordshire, UK, and his entry was chosen by the judging panel (made up of Motul, Witham Motorsport and GBS Zero Directors) for its ingenious use of all the GBS Zero and Motul creative branding elements. Martin's winning design was revealed at the Silverstone Classic in July, for which Martin received tickets to the event and a tour of the GBS factory in Ollerton. The under 16 age category prize winner was Kaira Milburn age 10, from Maidstone in Kent, who sent in an amazing colourful design. Kaira also won family tickets for the event along with a selection of Motul merchandise.

As Motul UK Distributors, Witham Motorsport are the driving force behind the project. As Managing Director, Nigel Bottom explains; ”We have been supplying Motul products to Great British Sportscars for some time and, having had the chance to meet Richard (Hall) and tour the factory, I was hugely impressed by the depth of their engineering skill, by their innovative ideas and by the fact that there was potentially a great story to be told, on the start-to-finish and beyond part, that Motul plays in the construction of this GBS Zero. The idea of a Motul-Edition seemed like a logical extension of this and so we have embarked on what is a truly novel venture for a lubricant brand.”

Motul has many exciting partnerships in which it is active around the world, but Silverstone’s Classic has been chosen as the venue for the car to make its public debut for a number of reasons, as Motul’s UK Business Development Manager Andy Wait explains. “We were delighted earlier this year to announce our partnership with Silverstone for The Classic. It is a huge festival of enthusiast motoring, with more than 100,000 people expected, so we wanted to make our first appearance there memorable and, therefore, to have the climax of the Motul GBS Zero initiative at Silverstone seems apt. Also, of course, the car shape has a retro look and feel to it, so it fits in with the spirit of the classic event, as well as, offering us a great chance to showcase so much of what Motul can offer to the public.”

We are so excited about this unique project and look forward to continuing to keep you posted of its progress along the way.

About Great British Sports Cars

Great British Sports Cars is a leading name in the British and worldwide sports cars industry. Over 25 years of experience has been leveraged into the evolution of the GBS Zero, using all the best elements of the past while combining them with the most up-to-date design and manufacturing processes. Since its launch, the Zero is now enjoyed by hundreds of owners around the world.

GBS owners benefit from our continued development of the Zero, offering an ever-increasing number of products and services to enhance the car’s appearance and performance. With over 10 years of Zero production experience, GBS has now developed the Second-Generation car, compiling a decade of refinements into one simple to order package. Numerous refinements have been incorporated as standard to ensure a safe, high quality vehicle. The Zero has unprecedented handling due to its 50/50 weight distribution, achieved by moving the engine rearward from the front axle and this is complimented by fully independent front and rear suspension arms.

The complete GBS in-house manufacturing and design facility enables customers to benefit from a managed supply chain that ensures GBS products are delivered consistently to the high-quality standard that customers expect. For more information about Great British Sports Cars please visit: greatbritishsportscars.com