New Game & Pheasant Feeders

These 40 Litre Drum Feeders are used to store grain feed for pheasants and other game birds and also suitable for chickens.  They come with a spiral metal spring feeder attachment and are popular with game keepers for use in the release pen and throughout the estate. Unique to Witham, we are able to offer these in either a standard blue or, for a small additional charge, we offer the feeders already coated in our popular Green Pheasant Feeder paint, which helps keep the feeder more camouflaged and in keeping with the countryside. The paint is also avaialble to buy seperately for annual maintenance.

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  1. Game & Pheasant Feeder Green Paint
    Game & Pheasant Feeder Green Paint
    From £11.09 £9.24
    A popular single pack synthetic paint which exhibi... [more]
  2. Pheasant Feeder - Green
    Pheasant Feeder - Green
    From £67.50 £56.25
    This 40 Litre Drum Feeder is used to store grain... [more]
  3. Pheasant Feeder - Standard
    Pheasant Feeder - Standard
    From £62.10 £51.75
    This 40 Litre Drum Feeder is used to store grain f... [more]
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