About Our Lubricant Finder

The lubrication demands and expectations in vehicles and machinery is now greater than it has ever been. Wide ranging specifications on Engine Oils, Transmission and Brake Fluids provide reliability to the modern driver whatever the age and size of their vehicles and equipment. Designed to maximise performance and fuel economy in tough operating conditions and minimise component wear and tear, using the right quality oil and finding the right type of lubricant for the many types of equipment and machinery is absolutely vital.

Apply with Confidence
These days more sophisticated equipment often requires high power at low speeds and also compliance to the latest emission standards. Therefore using the correct quality lubricants can make a real difference to the performance and longevity of applications. Meticulously made to the latest specifications and demands of the vehicle and machinery manufacturers also ensures reliability. Not having enough oil or using the wrong type of oil can potentially cause up to 10% of all machinery and vehicle breakdowns. This means down-time in the field and unnecessary increased maintenance costs whilst the problem is resolved. It is hard however to keep up with the latest specifications and requirements in lubrication. When choosing the right oil for your vehicle or machinery it is vital that you consider the following: 

1. Does your oil manufacturer have approvals from the OEM? This helps ensure that warranty conditions are not jeopardised and servicing costs are kept to a minimum.

2. Have you got the right quality and type of oil for the right application?

3. Does your oil manufacturer comply with the standards of the European & UK Lubricant Industry?

Looking for endorsements such as membership of the UKLA (United Kingdom Lubricant Association), and signatories to the ATIEL European Letter of Conformance plus membership of the VLS (Verification of Lubrication Specification) provide a credible and trusted independent means to verify lubricant companies. By being a part of these initiatives brings transparency to the lubricant market place and protect and educate the end user. We believe in providing and recommending only lubricants and products that comply with these high standards of operation.

That way you can be reassured that the products you buy from us will be reliable and at competitive prices all year round. To help our customers get the best and most economical performance from their vehicles and equipment we are proud to offer our easy Online Lubricant Finder which helps identify which oil you need for which vehicle for you any time of day or night. Simply click online and put in your type of vehicle and the recommendations will be there for you to print off or buy direct.


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