Gear Oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids

Today’s modern transmissions, whether they are manual or automatic need to cope with huge variety of driving and extreme condition pressures. Made to protect and prolong relevant components, our extensive Qualube range of advanced gear oils and transmission fluids also maximise performance and keep breakdowns to a minimum.

Gear Oils

Qualube Syntogear FS TDL 75W/90
A TDL (Total Driveline Lubricant) formulated exclusively from synthetic base oils that can be used in both manual transmissions & axle applications. This product also has the advantage of allowing extended drain intervals in some cases up to 500,000km. Meets the following performance levels: API GL-4 and GL-5, giving coverage of both transmission and gear axles.

Qualube Syntogear TDL 80W/90
This TDL (Total Driveline Lubricant) is a more cost effective product that can also be used in many manual transmissions & axles. This product can also allow the advantage of extended drain intervals up to 160,000km in some cases. Meets the following performance levels: 
API GL-4 and GL-5, giving coverage of both transmission and gear axles.

Qualube Syntogear 75W/80FE
This fully synthetic manual transmission fluid has been formulated to meet the latest ZF 02L & Volvo 97305 specifications. It is capable of 300,000km drain intervals depending on OEM and will satisfy the needs of a vast range of manual transmissions.

Qualube Mild Extreme Pressure Range (MEP)
This range of industrial gear oils available in many ISO grades provide protection in those applications where some components may react with a traditional EP type product. Formulated to meet many industrial specifications including David Brown S1.53.101, US Steel 224 & DIN 51517 Part 3, these products are reliable and cost effective.

Qualube FS PAO MEP Oils
This range of fully synthetic oils is available in many ISO grades and is based on high quality synthetic Polyalphaolefins. Specifically designed to meet the needs of certain extreme applications where oxidation stability and temperature performance are essential.

Qualube Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Gear Oils (HD EP)
These are heavy duty extreme pressure gear oils formulated to give increased extreme pressure properties to cope with the arduous conditions found in certain transmissions and final drives. Meets the following performance levels: MIL-L 2105 D API Service Classification GL-5. Available in a range of ISO and SAE viscosities.
Qualube Extreme Pressure Gear Oils (EP)
These are extreme pressure gear oils for use in heavily loaded gears and bearings that are encountered in modern machinery. Main application will be found in many gear boxes and final drives of heavy goods vehicles and passenger cars. Meets the following performance levels: API Service Classification GL-4 MIL-L-2105. Available in a range of ISO and SAE viscosities.

Qualube Gear Oil SAE
A range of non-treated gear oils specifically for use where extreme pressure additives may cause damage. These products are available in a range of SAE grades.

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

Qualube Multi-Functional Automatic Transmission Fluid (FS ATF MF)
This is an outstanding fully synthetic multi-functional automatic transmission fluid that can be used in many commercial and passenger car applications. This product meets the performance requirements of many of today’s vehicle manufacturers and provides a universal solution to the problem of multiple ATF fluids.

Qualube Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) D3
This product is formulated to meet the Dexron IIIG & Ford MERCON specifications. (Dexron is a registered trade mark of General Motors).

Qualube Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) U
A mineral based automatic transmission fluid that is capable of meeting the needs of a number of applications and carries a universal offering.

Qualube Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) D
This product is formulated to meet the Dexron II specification (Dexron is a registered trademark of General Motors).

Qualube Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) G
This product is designed to meet the Ford M2C 33G specification.

Qualube Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Type A Suffix A
This transmission fluid is used on certain power steering applications.

Qualube Torque Converter Fluid 10
This torque converter fluid meets the Allison C-4 specification (coloured red) and is suitable for use where SAE viscosity 10 grade is required.


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