Grease Range

Our extensive range of specialist greases are designed for a vast array of specific operating environments. Correct grease lubrication is vital to extend the life of the components, reduce corrosion and enhance equipment reliability and performance. Manufactured using the latest high quality raw materials our range includes greases for high extremes of temperatures, heavy and shock loads, vibration, high speed, wet and saturated conditions. We can also offer greases suitable for chemical environments and the Food Industry, as well as Biodegradable options. All are available in 3kg, 12.5kg and 50kg sizes.

General High Performance Greases
This portfolio of quality greases offers reliable solutions for a multitude of applications.

* Denotes which product are also available in cartridges.

Qualube Lithium Complex*
This extremely popular, versatile grease, possess many outstanding qualities. As a lithium complex product it has a higher dropping point, allowing the grease to be used at higher temperatures. It is also extremely water resistant and has a good shear stability rating ensuring the grease maintains consistency for use in industrial and automotive applications. NLGI 2 application.

Qualube Lithium Extreme Pressure 2 Grease*
A multi-purpose extreme pressure grease made from lithium soap stock which imparts good high and low temperature characteristics and chemical stability. The load carrying additives system contains no lead or metals which are environmentally undesirable. This multi-purpose grease has high resistance to mechanical breakdown, excellent oxidation resistance, good rust protection, and excellent water ‘washout’ resistance. NLGI 2.

Qualube Lithium Grease*
This simple Lithium grease is an economical choice for water resistance and higher temperature uses. It is ideal for most bearings and chassis lubrication requirements. NLGI 2.

Qualube Lithium Heavy Grease*
This simple Lithium grease is a multi-purpose high temperature and water resistance grease as above but is of a thicker, stiffer consistency grade, where maximum protection against water penetration and solid contaminants is required. NLGI 3.

Qualube Lithium Complex Extreme Pressure (EP) Moly Grease*
This is a high performance grease ideal for the lubrication of industrial bearings which are placed under the most extreme of conditions. It is based on a high viscosity lithium complex and contains extreme pressure, anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. It also contains Molybdenum Disulphide to provide excellent resistance to high friction and shock loading. NLGI 2.

Qualube Lithium Extreme Pressure 1 Grease*
With all the benefits of the EP2 product, this extreme pressure grease is made to NLGI 1, 0 and 00 consistencies.

High Performance Greases

Qualube Graphited Grease

This calcium based graphited grease has protection against seizure in conditions when ordinary greases would fail. Also included in this grease are additives to prevent corrosion, rust and oxidation. It has been specially formulated for use on fifth wheel plates. It can also be used for heavy duty applications in industrial equipment, trucks and construction plant such as bulldozers, scrapers, loading shovels and dump trucks where a graphited grease is recommended. It will protect against shock loads and mechanical wear even in very wet conditions and is particularly effective where there are extremely heavy loads but movement is small or intermittent and where fretting corrosion is a problem.

Qualube Bentone Grease*
This “non-melting” grease is formulated from a special blend of high viscosity solvent refined paraffin base oil thickened with a bentonite clay. This non-soap grease is recommended for extremely high temperature applications. Unlike normal greases, Bentone greases retain their consistency under increasing temperatures up to 500°F. It is water resistant and highly resistant to change in consistency with temperatures. It is recommended for use in furnace door bearings, heat exchange motor bearings, oven conveyor bearings, tarmac laying machines and other applications where extremely high temperatures are encountered. NLGI 2.

Qualube Copper Grease
Anti-seize properties enable this grease to work even if the joints become so compressed that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remain in joints or threads to prevent seizure. The excellent anti seize properties make it ideal for lubricating brake linkages. The product is also recommended as a thread lubricant on studs, pipes, casings and whenever eventual disassembly must proceed smoothly. Can be used with confidence on the threads of pipes that carry very hot and corrosive liquids or gases, where it assists sealing and allows trouble free disassembly.

Qualube Petroleum Jelly
A universal lubricant ideal for battery terminals and many other applications. Semi-Fluid Greases Qualube Silicone Grease Silicone grease is a multi-purpose product formulated to lubricate, electrically insulate and act as a heat transfer medium. It provides excellent protection against moisture and other harsh environmental conditions. Silicone polymers in general exhibit good resistance and remain stable when operating in an environment with elevated temperatures and it is widely used on rubber components, valves, water pipes, electronic contacts and cable joints.

Qualube Gear EP 0 and 00
A semi-fluid grease for use in gear boxes where grease is recommended because of leakage problems. It has excellent low temperature characteristics and smooth texture and can be used in a variety of applications where the NLGI 0 or 00 consistency is required.

Qualube Autoflow
A red, semi-fluid water resistant grease suitable for use in areas where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubrication performance and be detrimental to corrosion protection. This is designed to be a traceable, softer grease to provide excellent pumpability even at sub-zero temperatures and when heavy greases will not turn. For use in many industrial applications but particularly used in automatic chassis equipment in the heavy haulage industry. NLGI 000.

All registered by the Food and Drug Administration, these greases are specially designed for use in the food industry. Typical operators would be bakeries, dairies, bottling plants, animal and pet food manufacturers. The purity of the products also allows use in other areas where odourless, colourless, GM free and non-toxic lubrication is required.

Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
Prolan Anti-Seize grease protects metal, rubber and battery terminals from corrosion caused by water, moisture, acid and salt. Prolan products are made with lanolin derived from sheep’s wool which is a powerful natural barrier to moisture and rust.

• An incredibly long lasting grease that saves time and money on multiple re-application 
• Proven to last up to 30 years 
• Protects metal, rubber and battery terminals from corrosion caused by water, moisture, acid and salt 
• Extremely good anti-seize for prevention of galling on stainless steel threads 
• Lifts rust scale, cleans metal and frees up seized parts 
• Can be used in and around electrical connections to prevent moisture penetration and corrosion 
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• Internationally certified by NSF for worldwide certification in food processing industries
Available in 100ml, 500ml, 4 litre, 3kg, 12.5kg and 50kg sizes 

Food Grade Greases

Qualube FoodQual Plus
This grease range is designed to cover a broad range of food safe applications, including extremes of temperature and wet and saturated environments. It also can be applied on heavy load equipment and where there is a presence of dust and other contaminants. It contains Extreme Pressure additives to provide a high degree of wear and tear performance. Suitable for all plain and anti-friction bearings as well as sliding surface and with an exceptional degree of water resistance, it is available in NLGI 00, 1 and 2 consistencies. Qualube FoodQual High Temperature This grease is a superb, high temperature resistant food grade grease, which gives long term lubrication, leaving greatly reduced levels of carbon deposits compared to other greases. It offers excellent sealing qualities for components working in wet conditions, therefore protecting from corrosion and is also rubber friendly. Particularly resistant to a wide range of chemical cleaning solutions used in the food and drink industries, it can operate in a temperature range from -20°C to +220°C. NLGI 2.

Qualube White Food Grease 
This is a premium quality, water resistant grease, used in food processing environments where incidental food contact may occur. Applications include bakery mixing machines, conveyor bearings, pump bearings and areas where frequent wash down is essential. 

Specialist Use Greases 

Qualube Synthetic High Temp 2
This premium quality lithium complex thickened grease gives high temperature resistance up to 220°C whilst considerably reducing carbon residues associated with other high temperature greases. It provides excellent lubrication at sub-zero temperatures too, making this an extremely versatile application for industries such as agriculture, bottling and canning plants, steel and paper mills, and recycling plants. NLGI 2. 


Qualube Ultra High Temp 2
This grease is a dispersion of fine graphite particles, incorporated in a synthetic fluid which evaporates cleanly at extreme high temperatures of up to 600°C. No abrasive ash deposits are left behind and it is therefore ideal for use in extreme high temperature environments such as ceramic and cement manufacturing, foundry businesses, kiln car bearings, furnace doors and drying tunnel mechanisms. NLGI 2.

Qualube Ultra Life 2
This is a premium quality, extremely stable multi complex red grease, designed to provide extended re-lubrication intervals in a wide range of working conditions. It has exceptional load bearing capacity which promotes long component life and is widely used in agriculture, HGV’s forestry, construction, offshore and quarrying industries. NLGI 2.

Qualube Ultra Life Water Resistant (WR) 2
Similar to Qualube Ultra Life 2, this grease offers long re-lubrication intervals but in addition has excellent water resistant qualities and extreme pressure performance. It is an incredibly versatile lubricant with a wide temperature range for use in a multitude of industries. NLGI 1/2.

Qualube Heavy Duty (HD) Adhesive 2
This is a premium quality, semi-synthetic, water proof extreme pressure grease, designed specifically for slow to medium speed plain and anti-friction bearing applications in the marine industry and other hostile environments. It is widely used in the water utilities industry, waterways, harbours and docklands on equipment such as sluice gates, boat trailers, locks and pivot points. NLGI 2.

Qualube WaterQual 2
This is an excellent fully water resistant long life grease, for use in high load or extreme water or saturated operating conditions and can be applied directly onto wet surfaces. WaterQual also withstands high temperature environments and is ideal for a whole range of industries where these conditions apply.

Qualube Synthetic Gearbox Grease 000
This fully synthetic semi-fluid grease is recommended for use in worm reduction units which are subjected to high loads. It is also recommended for use with spur, helical and spiral bevel enclosed gearboxes. It transmits maximum power with minimum temperature rise on the working parts and has no detrimental effect on common seals and gaskets. NLGI 000.

Qualube Sprayable Gear Lube 0
This is an easy to apply semi-fluid aluminium complex grease which leaves a lasting thin, almost dry film which does not collect dust or dirt. It is totally water repellent and has been specifically developed for the lubrication of all types of open gears, steel tyres and supporting rollers that operate under heavy loads and in high temperatures. NLGI 0.

Qualube Open Gear Grease 2.5
This is a thickened grease incorporating extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitors for use on all types of open gears that are subject to extreme loads, high working temperature and water saturated conditions. Widely used on telescopic crane jibs, gantry crane gears, girth gears on ball mills, winch gears and hydraulic ram slides, this is a totally water repellent product which is easy to apply in all weathers. NLGI 2.5.

Qualube Pin and Bush Lubricant (PBL) Grease 2.5
This is a tenacious grease designed for heavy duty applications where adhesion, shock loading and good corrosion protection is needed. It has been proven ideal for use on bucket pins and bushes on heavy earth moving equipment, crane slews and also as an assembly and running in compound. The presence of graphite will fill surfaces and distribute load evenly preventing unnecessary wear and tear giving ideal suitability to extend the life of worn components. It is also fully resistant to water. NLGI 2/3.

Qualube Vibration Resistant Grease 2.5
For use as an anti-friction bearing grease, this is a premium quality semi synthetic product designed to withstand high loads and vibration. The thickener system used in this grease forms its own seal so providing a special added protection to the working surfaces and gives stronger mechanical stability. NLGI 2/3.

Qualube Fifth Wheel Grease
As the name suggests this is a specialist grease for use on the fifth wheels of articulated vehicles. It has a high level of lubricating solids which keeps the working surfaces apart, reduces the compression wear and substantially extends the life of the fifth wheel, trailer slides and locating pins. This grease will enable an articulated unit to slide much easier under a fully laden trailer. It is fully resistant to the wet which is vital during the cleaning of vehicles and its adhesion improvers provide long lasting protection and anti-corrosion qualities to all the working parts.

Qualube PTFE Mechanical Parts Grease 2.5
This lithium complex quality thickened grease is for the specific lubrication of mechanical parts and sliding joints in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. A leading crane hire company has reported that this product has eliminated “judder” when used on the nylon slipper pads of the extending booms of their larger cranes. Standard greases are prone to building up when the booms are retracted and the grease tends to fall off. This product eliminates this waste and mess. Other applications would include swivel joints, king pins and spindles of heavy plant machinery together with gears and transmissions and rolling and plain bearings. NLGI 2/3.

Qualube BioLube TufQual 1
This is a tough biodegradable soft grease which incorporates non-toxic solid lubricants, extreme pressure additives and a blend of antioxidants and corrosive inhibitors to provide a highly effective lubricant with excellent corrosion protection. It is designed for a wide range of applications in very wet and aggressive environments, and is easy to apply in all weathers. It is extremely resistant to water wash off and is an extremely versatile product. NLGI 1.

Qualube BioLube RopeQual 00
This is a biodegradable semi-fluid, solvent free wire rope lubricant, designed to meet the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under all conditions. Typical applications are dockside cranes, draglines and water treatment plants, where its biodegradability is preferred for environmental reasons and its water repellent film ensures long service life of the rope. NLGI 00.


The National Lubrication Grease Institution 
(NLGI) has established a scale to indicate the grease consistency which ranges from 000 (semi-fluid) to 6 (Block Grease). The consistency rating is given at the end of the product description.



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