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MOTUL & Witham Oil and Paint Ltd - official UK Lubricant Partners. 

Witham Motorsport is part of The Witham Group. Witham provides the whole range of Motul Automotive products throughout the UK.

In 2013, french giant Motul, the high-tech lubricants manufacturer, appointed Witham Oil and Paint Ltd to be their new UK importer and main distributor of automotive lubricants and associated products.

We now handle UK trade sales and distribution of Motul automotive products, from their high performance 300V Motorsport lubricant, to coolant, brake fluids, transmission fluids and a comprehensive range of high quality car maintenance products by Lescott.

As a specialist in synthetic oils, Motul has become the partner of many manufacturers and sports teams for its technological developments in mechanical sports, car and motorcycle racing.

Motul is present in many international competitions as official team supplier : MotoGP, Road racing, Trial, Enduro, Endurance, Superbike, Supercross, Rallycross, World Rally Championship, FIA GT, Le Mans 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours, Le Mans Series, Rally Raid, Paris-Dakar, and F3 racing.

Motul Automotive
AA top-of-the-range lubricant reference brand, Motul bases itself on its direct subsidiaries and its affiliates, and also on a network of more than 80 importers, to represent the brand worldwide. We are delighted therefore that Motul have chosen Witham Oil and Paint Ltd as their main distributor of automotive products in the UK.

As sales in volume terms have been constantly increasing internationally over the past twenty years, Motul can rightly claim today to be a major player in the field of lubricants for the most demanding applications both in the industrial and automotive fields. Indeed, PCMO (Passenger Car Motor Oils) sales takes up 40% of Motul’s overall global turnover.

Motul Automotive formulates, produces and sells lubricants for all types of vehicle engines in more than 80 countries. The Motul® brand covers top-of-the-range lubricants for the engines of light vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, speedboats, motorised cultivators, and leisure craft such as jet skis, karts and quads, etc., and also for vehicles such as heavy goods and agricultural vehicles. Constantly monitoring technological developments, the brand is always working on the development of new lubricants.

24 Lemans

Sporting Success
A sponsoring pioneer, Motul has been present since the beginning of the 1950s in the leading motorsport disciplines: car and motorcycle racing and speedboat racing.

While this high involvement in racing is beneficial for Motul's repute, it is above all a matter of genuine partnerships central to the products quality process.

Indeed what better laboratory is there to assess the absolute suitability of a lubricant formulation than the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Motorcycle Grand Prix or world championship rallies? 

With more than 40 world champion titles, Motul is therefore associated, in motorsport history, with major OEMs like Suzuki, Yamaha, Subaru, Aston Martin or Nismo.

Motul also has a multitude of competition partnerships both nationally and regionally, there being more than 250 worldwide in 2009. These boost its image of dynamism and proximity to its clients.

As a technical partner, Motul is also proud to have played its part, in the sole year 2009, in the clinching of more than 60 titles in some 20 countries.


A Quality Partnership
Like Witham, Motul's product culture is deeply rooted in its history through the constant search for ever more innovative, effective and better-performing lubricants. This has naturally led the company to adopt the principles of a quality management system.

The structures set in place allow client expectations to be met and even anticipated by adopting maximum efficiency and meeting the requirements of internationally recognised quality benchmarks. Motul is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949:2009.

Witham Oil and Paint Ltd, is also a long established business and has been trading since 1921. A privately owned business, its head office and own lubricant manufacturing is based in Lincoln. The Witham Group manufacture a huge variety of quality lubricants specialising in agriculture, industrial, haulage and classic and vintage products.

The company also has a paint manufacturing factory in Suffolk and a distribution centre in Cambridgeshire. Awarded the Royal Warrant to HM The Queen, Witham offers Motul an experienced reputable brand from which to distribute their products.

Witham provides the whole range of Motul Automotive products throughout the UK by working closely with stockists, distributors, direct customers and the racing industry whether that’s off road, on a race track or on the water. We also supply the high quality renown Lescot range of car care products for bodywork and interior cleaning and polishing to ensure total  performance inside and out.

Nigel Bottom, Managing Director of Witham Group commented,“We are delighted that Motul has chosen Witham Oil and Paint to import and distribute their specialist automotive lubricants. The automotive market is an exciting arena where top class products are required to ensure performance and reliability. Our expertise will ensure quality products and quality deliveries to all Motul and Witham customers”.


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