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Green Stripe Garden Machinery recommends Witham Group

Posted on Tuesday October 20, 2020

At Witham Group, we offer a wide range of quality lubricants, greases and paints to many horticultural and forestry businesses across the UK.

One such business is Green Stripe Garden Machinery – who we have been supplying horticultural products to for over 22 years.  Green Stripe supply all types of garden machinery and spare parts to customers in Lincolnshire.  From lawn mowers to hedge trimmers, chainsaws, spreaders and turf cutters – Green Stripe provide over a hundred different types of machine from all the leading manufacturers. 

Helping customers to select the correct machinery has been so successful for Green Stripe, that it continues to grow year in, year out to keep up with demand from it’s ever increasing customer base.

Directors Gavin and Kirsten Bird started Green Stripe Garden Machinery twenty-three years ago and the business has grown to include a sales department dealing with most leading manufacturers, high stock levels and a dedicated showroom with over a hundred different types of machine on display, staffed by efficient personnel who know the industry, giving advice freely and complete with a superb demonstration ground which is available to show machinery.

Green Stripe’s Director Gavin Bird explains why the Witham Group has become and important supplier to the business:

“We have dealt with the Witham Group for more than 22 years and they have always supplied us with excellent Horticultural products at realistic prices. They always deliver on schedule with superb after sales support that is helpful and concise. It’s so nice to deal with a great local company that is still in touch with the old-fashioned values of customer service”.

We supply Green Stripe with our full range of Qualube Horticultural lubricants, from lawn mower oil such as Qualube Lawnmower 10W30 and Qualube Chain Oil to Two Stroke Oil such as Qualube TCW-3 Ashless Two Stroke

To find out more about our range of products for the Horticultural sector, click here to view our latest catalogue.

If you have any questions or would like information or technical help about any of our products, please contact your local depot – details can be found on the link below: https://www.withamgroup.co.uk/qualube/contactusqualube/

To find out more about Green Stripe Garden Machinery, visit their website at: https://greenstripe.net/

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Witham Group win Innovation in Sustainability Award

Posted on Tuesday October 20, 2020

We are delighted to announce that Witham Group has won the recent Lincolnshire Technology and Innovation awards for our innovation in the sustainability category. With over 100 entrants, we beat off stiff competition at a virtual awards ceremony which took place online.

We won the ‘Innovation for Sustainability Award’ with our impressive environmental credentials and in particular our new unique blending solution Blendtek.

Innovation in Sustainability Award Winner

As manufacturers of a huge range of different viscosity lubricants, this new blending technique enables us to blend thousands of tonnes of products using solar panels and a simple 13amp plug, saving time, energy and drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

To blend 10 tonnes of product now takes less than half an hour and previously the same blend would have taken several hours to complete. To evaluate the savings to the environment since 2016, we have saved over 19,500 tonnes of carbon and heated the equivalent of over 107 homes in the UK for a year.

We continue to expand our Blendtek ultrasound technology and are in talks with many other businesses to offer this incredible new process to other companies throughout the UK and abroad.

Well done to everyone involved and congratulations to all the other winners.

For more information about Blendtek UltraSound Oil Blending Solutions visit the website: https://blendteksolutions.co.uk

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Workshop transformations with Koverflor floor paint

Posted on Thursday October 15, 2020

We don’t just supply oils and greases! Since 1921 Witham have been manufacturing and supplying a whole range of useful paints and coatings. One of our most popular paint ranges is Koverflor, ideal for garages and workshops.

Our Koverflor range of Floor paints and line marking paints are manufactured to aid cleaning, resist marking and stains and provide attractive long lasting finishes to hard worked areas. Available in a variety of popular colours our paints are easily applied giving a robust and hard wearing finish. Whichever product you choose you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality product that will provide the long lasting results.

Just Audi VW workshop

Here we are proud to share with you some case studies from customers who have used and since recommended our floor paints.

Workshop and Showroom, Just Audi VW Lincoln

We supplied Just Audi VW with floor paint for the build of their brand-new car workshop. They came to us looking for advice on what finish to apply to the concrete floors that would be resistant and provide protection against oil spillages, but at the same time providing a smart finish. We recommended Koverflor, Type D, Two Pack Epoxy Floor Paint in Dark Grey BS 00A09 (TDS 461). This solvent based paint gives an outstanding hardness and abrasion resistant coating. Designed to be resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils, petrol, detergents and solvents.

Adrian Padley Motors – Boston

Adrian Padley Motors Ltd gave their workshop a facelift recently using our WOCO Koverflor Type F (Single Pack) Polyurethane Floor Paint – TDS 462. They chose the colour ‘Light Grey’ (00A05) which has given the space a fantastic fresh, clean new look. The customer was very happy with the result: “Thanks Witham Group for the quality paint you supplied to repaint our workshop – great quality as always.”

Redwood Commercials – Grimsby

Redwood Commercials garage recently treated their floor to a repaint to freshen up the workshop. They chose our Koverfloor Type F in Pale Grey, with Golden Yellow around the pits. They also installed 6 of our colour coded oil storage tanks for the main lubricants used across a mixed fleet of trucks and coaches.

Redwood Commercials Workshop floor painted with Koverflor
Redwood Commercials workshop after paint job

If you would like any help or advice on painting or products for your domestic or commercial garage please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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Port Esbjerg recommends award winning Prolan to solve corrosion problems

Posted on Monday September 28, 2020

Port Esbjerg is one of the largest in Denmark handling two thirds of the countries truck transport cargo. This port has 40 years of experience in the oil and offshore oil industries.  

The Port was experiencing corrosive issues on the forklifts and Leibher cranes that were exposed to the harsh North Sea weather conditions.


The forklifts were sprayed with Prolan Heavy Grade Biodegradable Lubricant which protected them from the salt spray and stopped the corrosion.   Prolan was also used on the wire ropes of the cranes and not only stopped the corrosion problems but it also kept the moving parts lubricated and working effectively.


The Port now use Prolan on the wire ropes of the cranes for protection and lubrication. Prolan is also sprayed onto any exposed metal surfaces around the port that are prone to rust and corrosion.

They have also discovered that Prolan does not need to be applied as often as the previous lubricant which had to be reapplied to the wire ropes every 2-3 weeks. The Port have found the Prolan lasts 12 months, which has reduced downtime and maintenance on the crane considerably. The rope on inspection after 12 months looks as good as when it has been first installed.

Mr. Hans Christian Lindholm from Esbjerg Havn Port commented: “I can give Prolan our best recommendations and we are sure that many harbours could benefit from using Prolan to solve problems and to reduce the numbers of products/chemicals used.”  

How does Prolan work?

  • Spraying ‘Prolan Heavy Grade Spray’ forms a barrier and stops moisture attacking the surface and causing corrosion.
  • A coat will last around 12 months on average, depending upon the situation.
  • It sticks to steel which will stop any cold water blasting from washing it off.
  • Prolan Lubricants always stays soft and move with the frame preventing the coat from cracking.
  • It is a clean, easy to use biodegradable product that will not harm the environment.

Prolan is excellent on boats, trailers, inside boat motors (eliminates deterioration of rubber and wiring components), fishing gear, any aluminium or stainless steel fittings. It stays on in harsh sand and salt environments and gets salted parts moving easily.

Prolan is made with lanolin found in sheeps wool and is a completely natural product that is NSF certified. It can be used with confidence for all marine uses and is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

To see how Prolan lubricants could benefit your business, book a free consultation with the Witham Group sales team on 01522 521192 or click here to buy online or find out more.

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Witham Group featured in Trucking magazine

Posted on Thursday September 24, 2020

It was great to see the Witham Group and our Technical Director, Mick Kenyon, featured in the August/September issue of Trucking magazine.

The featured article provided advice to hauliers and fleet owners on how having the right engine oil can help to keep vehicle fleets on top form.

Vehicle downtime can be a costly inconvenience, especially during busy periods – and in the current climate, no transport business can afford to have their vehicles off the road.

Remarkably, almost 70 per cent of all unreliability in machines and engines is caused by improper lubrication (source: Machinery Lubrication magazine). Lubricant demands for vehicles and machinery are greater than ever, especially when they are in use constantly.

Oil is to an engine what blood is to the human body. If it’s too thick, it can cause the engine’s oil system to clog (think heart attack); too thin and you risk uncontrolled wear. So, selecting and maintaining the consistency (viscosity) is key. When oil viscosity is too low or too high, it may be detected as a loss of pressure in the oil supply to the engine.

Oil into engine

Better economy

The thicker that oil is, the more energy it takes to pump that oil – which uses fuel. Just like people may take blood-thinning drugs to make it easier on their heart to pump it, it’s the same with engine oil. Heavy duty engines for trucks and machinery have traditionally used higher viscosities, but the latest research and lubricant technology is helping fleet owners reduce fuel costs.

In Europe today, the most popular grade for heavy-duty engine oil is 10W-40 – and they are moving to 5W-30 in many cases. Part of the reason you can use lower-viscosity oils today, in situations where in the past you could not, is that the precision and the tolerances in modern engine hardware is much better. In addition, huge technological strides have been made in both base oil and additive chemistry to allow these lower viscosity grades. The engine oil still needs to be thick enough to prevent friction and wear and tear, but it can now offer superb protection at lower viscosities – all keeping to manufacturer’s recommendations and approvals.

There is a very strong likelihood truck fuel economy standards will be coming in the next four to five years as part of government efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Having the right oil for your vehicle type is therefore crucial for all haulage businesses.

Keeping engine wear at bay

But it’s not just fuel economy; incorrect lubrication causes mechanical wear and premature equipment failure. Using the wrong or low-quality lubricants is a major factor given that it may not contain the essential chemistry to prevent premature wear and corrosion.

The requirements of older equipment are very different to modern applications, including complying with the latest emissions standards. A trusted oil manufacturer uses approved formulations approved by the OEM. This helps ensure warranty conditions are not jeopardised and servicing costs are kept to a minimum. Always choose a lubricant that meets the appropriate quality standard specified by either the OEM or one of the industry bodies, such as ACEA or API.

An extra consideration in modern vehicles is the protection of the after-treatment devices – for example, SCR or DPFs. Using the wrong lubricant can seriously damage these sensitive devices, causing them to fail, meaning both expensive replacement parts and downtime.

These types of engine oils are often referred to collectively as low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur). The levels of these components must be below stringent levels to ensure full protection.

Modern HDDO (heavy duty diesel oils) continue to advance at pace, the trend to lower viscosity products looks set to continue, and longer drain intervals are forever being pursued.

Plus, the increasing use of bio-diesels presents particular challenges – and as previously mentioned, fuel economy specifications will likely be issued by both OEM’s and the industry in the very near future. This makes it even more essential your lubricant supplier is well informed and knowledgeable with respect to the specifications and developments within the lubricants industry.

Get the right advice

If you are not sure which vehicle needs which oil, you can check over the phone or, in normal circumstances, with a free-of-charge personal lubricant survey. In the current climate, and for anyone wanting to check themselves, Witham offers a very simple online Lubricant Finder tool for all vehicles.

Visitors to the site can simply go online, enter their vehicle type and all the recommended lubricants and related products specific to that vehicle are listed. This is for commercial transport vehicles, agricultural and plant machinery as well as cars, buses and vans.


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Antifreeze & Coolants – why are they so important?

Posted on Thursday September 24, 2020

An engine’s coolant has quite a demanding job. It needs to be able to withstand freezing temperatures to avoid the risk of turning into a solid, which could cause internal damage to the engine such as fracturing a waterway and causing it to leak (anti-freeze).

During the summer, it needs to maintain the engine’s temperature to ensure it doesn’t get too hot, along with help from the radiator and  a mechanical or electric cooling fan. The coolant also needs to prevent internal corrosion of the engine, which can otherwise result in porous waterways and a build-up of silt that can block outlets and the water pump.

As Witham’s technical director Mick Kenyon explains: “Coolants are made up of a combination of finely balanced additives that each have a specific role in the quality of the product. Water acts as the main heat-transfer fluid moving heat away from the engine block. Monoethylene Glycol (MEG), an organic compound, is added as it also provides heat-transfer but most importantly it lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point of the water. Without MEG or a similar organic molecule, coolant would freeze readily and subsequently damage the engine.”

Water and MEG on their own would be corrosive to metals within the cooling system, such as cast iron, aluminium or solder. That means rust would quickly block the cooling system and overheating would occur. 

“Additives are used to prevent corrosion,” says Kenyon. “In the case of the Qualube Universal Blue this is an example of an inorganic additive technology product (IAT). This means that the chemicals that protect against corrosion are inorganic in nature, such as borates, silicates and nitrates. Inorganic chemicals are mined from the earth and refined. IAT is a tried and tested classical method for protection.”

Qualube Universal Blue Antifreeze

Most classic cars from the mid-1990s or before use a blue-coloured coolant (also called anti-freeze). Later and more modern engines can use a longer-lasting silicate-free, organic acid technology (OAT) based coolant. There’s also some confusion over the colour of coolant and its lifespan. For instance, blue-coloured coolant is generally regarded as lasting for two years before it needs changing, whereas pink-coloured coolant lasts for six years. But as Kenyon warns: “This is broadly true but colour is purely cosmetic and gives no indication of the technology or quality of the product. I would be wary about making decisions based purely on colour.”

Renewal intervals

The recommended intervals for changing coolant appear to be around two years for blue-coloured coolant and six years for pink. However, it’s worthwhile testing the freezing and cooling capacity of the coolant at every service interval (at least once a year) to check its condition. This can be done with a simple anti-freeze hydrometer that costs from around £10 upwards from motor factors and tools suppliers. 

While checking the coolant, it’s also worthwhile checking over the cooling system of the engine, by squeezing hoses to look for perishing, inspecting all connections for traces of leaks (eg residue)  and looking around the radiator for similar leaks. Hose clips should be sufficiently tight to prevent leaks, but Jubilee clips and similar clips must not be over-tightened as they can cut into the rubber and create a leak.

A pressure cap may be fitted on the top of the radiator or onto an expansion tank. It helps to raise the boiling point by an additional 25°C by increasing the pressure in the cooling system as the engine warms up (the higher the pressure, the higher the boiling point). 

“The boiling point of coolant is dependent   on the ratio of concentrate to water that is used,” explains Kenyon. “Typically this is a 50-50 mix and will have a boiling point of around 110°C at atmospheric pressure.” By increasing the pressure in the cooling system, the boiling point can be raised.

The pressure in the coolant system of an engine is released when the engine is switched off and left to cool down. This is the job of the pressure cap, which has a spring and valve on the underside to control the pressure.

Renewing Coolant

The general aim of renewing engine coolant is to remove the old liquid and refill the system with a fresh mix of anti-freeze and coolant (pre-mixed coolant is also available). The ratio of water to anti-freeze varies, depending on the desired freezing capability you need – the greater the proportion of anti-freeze, the lower the freezing point, although as Kenyon warns: “I would always recommend the use of deionised or distilled water for dilution, this is what comes in the premix product. The products are designed to tolerate dilution with hard water but if the water in your region is especially hard there could be a greater tendency for silt formation.”

There are some exceptions to this advice, such as Motul MoCool, which is a non-glycol-based additive for use in race engines where a glycol-based product cannot be used. In such circumstances, the engine may only be run for a few minutes, such as at a hillclimb event, so the cooling system may be very simple with no water pump to help maximise engine power. Witham explains that by adding  Motul MoCool, it helps the engine to run up to  15°C cooler and improves thermal exchange and engine cooling system efficiency. Motul’s range of coolants comes in two forms: already mixed and concentrated, which needs to be diluted with water before use.

Make Sure You Get The Right Product

As explained earlier coolants offer different technologies specifically for classic cars, hybrid, modern passenger cars,  right through to racing vehicles, as well as farm machinery , plant and off road equipment, lorry fleets and . What is vital is to get the right coolant for the right type of vehicle.

Witham has developed the perfect new range of Qualguard Universal, and Hybrid Coolants to protect your engines from frost damage and corrosion in both older and brand new vehicles, whatever the type, all recommended by OEM’s and complying to the latest technology requirements.

Concentrated, 50:50 pre mixed or standard blue, we have always sought to simplify and rationalise the ever increasing requirements of individual manufacturers and so the choice of correct coolant and lubricant has never been more important. Time and again it has been proved that putting the right product in your engines makes all the difference to the increased performance and vital maintenance free durability of your machinery.

Witham Group stock a range of Anti-freeze & Coolant options

All Witham Qualube Anti-Freeze products are available in 1, 5, 25 and bulk 200 Litre sizes. Call your local depot or sales executive if you are not sure which Anti-Freeze or lubricant is right for you, or visit the Witham Online Shop at the link below:

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Double Thruxton victory fires Ingram firmly into BTCC title contention

Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2020

  • Bucks-born ace showcases sublime car control for back-to-back wins
  • Toyota Corolla tames Britain’s fastest circuit in spectacular style
  • Cheshire-based Speedworks add to global Toyota Gazoo Racing success
  • Team targeting more silverware at Silverstone in just a few days’ time

Heading to Thruxton last weekend (19/20 September), Tom Ingram had vowed to take his first win of the 2020 British Touring Car Championship campaign. On the Sunday, he was as good as his word and then some, as a commanding double victory vaulted the Toyota Gazoo Racing UK star firmly into contention for the biggest prize in national motorsport.
Thruxton is the fastest circuit in the country and one at which Ingram has always excelled, as the scene of both his maiden podium finish in car racing and his breakthrough triumph. In characteristically committed style, he duly hustled his Speedworks Motorsport-run Toyota Corolla to second on the grid amongst the 27 high-calibre protagonists in qualifying, less than a tenth-of-a-second shy of the top spot.

That, however, did not tell the full story, as Ingram’s best effort was set despite a wild grassy moment on the exit of Church – the quickest and ballsiest corner in British motorsport – that almost certainly cost him pole position.
Undeterred, the Bucks-born ace proceeded to out-drag pole-sitter Dan Cammish away from the lights in the curtain-raiser to sweep around the outside into the lead. In front of the live ITV2 television cameras, the pair then engaged in an enthralling cat-and-mouse duel, with their relentless pace propelling them well clear of the chasing pack.
In a supremely composed performance, Ingram soaked up the intense pressure to secure an overdue first win of the season, a 14th career victory in the UK’s premier motor racing series and an additional point for posting the fastest lap – a new lap record, in fact.
Despite the success ballast aboard the Corolla increasing from 30kg to 60kg, race two was almost a carbon copy. Belying the additional weight, the Toyota leapt off the line like a scalded cat and was 1.5s in front by the end of the opening tour.
Although Cammish once again closed in and even darted out of the slipstream going onto the last lap, the series’ two-time Independents’ Champion boldly held his nerve and held his ground. His reward was another sublime lights-to-flag triumph that cemented the second double-top of his burgeoning BTCC career – on a milestone day that saw Toyota Gazoo Racing similarly reach the top step of the rostrum in Turkey’s round of the FIA World Rally Championship and the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours.
And he wasn’t done yet. From eighth on the partially-reversed grid in the finale, Ingram went immediately on the attack, with a brave move around the outside of the Complex gaining him three spots in one fell swoop. Still carrying 60kg of ballast, he remained in the podium battle throughout and fifth place at the chequered flag completed his best-ever points haul – as well as the highest total of the weekend.
His outstanding results at Thruxton have elevated the 27-year-old from sixth to third in the Drivers’ Championship and slashed his deficit to the summit of the standings from 59 points to just 32 heading next to Silverstone (26/27 September), a circuit at which he has won in each of the last four years and where 12 months ago, he achieved his first BTCC double-top with the Corolla. Toyota Gazoo Racing UK with Ginsters occupies sixth position in the Teams’ table.
Christian Dick, Team Principal, Toyota Gazoo Racing UK, said:
“Well, that was quite a weekend! Above all, I think it demonstrated how much of a step forward we’ve made with the Corolla since last year, and every single member of this team is to be congratulated for the role they have played in that. We were on double duty with British GT simultaneously taking place at Donington Park, but the entire Speedworks crew put in a phenomenal effort and these two race wins are their reward. And we’re only just getting started…
“We said going into the weekend that Thruxton would highlight which cars have the strongest chassis in the BTCC, and Tom’s performance should leave nobody in any doubt that even in only its second season in the championship, the Corolla is right up there with the very best.
“It was always our plan to focus closely on qualifying, because – in the absence of the different tyre compounds this year – that seems to be the key now there are fewer opportunities to make up for a bad grid position. That has hurt us elsewhere this season, but we got it spot-on at Thruxton and reaped the benefits.
“Both races one and two were brilliantly controlled drives in which Tom had an answer for everything Cammish threw at him. We had the pace to take another podium in race three, although fifth place was still an excellent result that capped a superb weekend for the Toyota Gazoo Racing family globally, with victories in the WRC and at Le Mans too. It was fantastic to be a part of that success.
“Going to Silverstone, we need to manage expectations a bit as we’ll be slightly heavier for qualifying and race one, but I think we still have a lot of reasons to feel very confident based on last year’s results there and our Thruxton form. Tom said when he left the track yesterday that he’s ready to go racing again right now – and so are we!”
Tom Ingram, Driver, Toyota Gazoo Racing UK, said:
“That was absolutely mega – we’ll definitely take more weekends like that! It was the quickest we’ve been round Thruxton with this car by a country mile, which is testament to 12 months of development and a lot of improvements. Full credit to all the guys and girls at Toyota Gazoo Racing UK for putting together one hell of a package!
“At Thruxton, you’re just so close to the limit the whole way round the circuit – beyond it at times – and I was really hanging onto the car in qualifying. The Corolla felt magnificent, which gave me the confidence I needed to properly push and my best lap was all-out and a bit more besides. When we’d been for our track walk the previous evening, I’d noticed the grass was a little long round the back, so I thought I’d trim it down a touch for them…
“Joking aside, though, I was really happy with our performance and as it turned out, pole didn’t actually matter in the end. I knew it was going to be difficult to beat Dan [Cammish] on sheer pace, so the key was to secure track position by getting him off the line and that’s exactly what we did.
“Dan certainly piled on the pressure in the first two races. I would briefly shake him off, but then all of a sudden, he’d be right back on me again and I knew I couldn’t afford a single slip or he would be past. He was particularly strong through the final sector of the lap, which is where the best overtaking opportunity is at Thruxton. At the same time, though, there’s a lot of respect between us and I knew he wasn’t going to take any major risks or do anything stupid.
“I felt like we were in the power seat and I was well-chuffed to take our first win of the year. To then follow that up with another victory in race two was just awesome. I was mindful that we had a lot of weight on-board which would work the tyres harder and that Dan would be desperate to get one back over me after race one, but the Corolla felt great again and we were able to fend him off throughout.
“In race three, I was targeting a top five finish and the strategy was always to be brave on the opening lap, which obviously paid off nicely. After that, I showed [Ash] Sutton my nose on a few occasions just to remind him that I was there, but at the same time, I had to be careful because it was clear he was in a feisty mood and it was more important to bag the points for fifth than throw it all away challenging for fourth.
“It really feels like we’re beginning to get some momentum flowing, which is very exciting, and next, we go to what is arguably our strongest track on the calendar. We’ve always performed well at Silverstone, and the progress we’ve achieved with the Corolla over the past 12 months should make us even quicker this time round. It felt a bit like the championship was turning into a two-horse race before Thruxton and that people were beginning to write us off, but we’ve definitely joined the party now!”

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United Autosports conquers Le Mans 24 Hours race with Motul!

Posted on Tuesday September 22, 2020

It was a unique 24 Hours of Le Mans without fans, but the action on the track was as hot as ever and Motul was present throughout the event as Official Lubricant Partner to the ACO and to the FIA World Endurance Championship and with its loyal partner teams.  

We were delighted to see that the Motul-supported United Autosports ORECA entry took the chequered flag to claim victory in the intensely contested LMP2 category.  Everyone at Motul sends the UK based team its warm congratulations not only for this win but also for clinching the FIA WEC LMP2 Championship title – a first WEC title for the team in its first year at the top of international endurance racing. Motul has been partnered with United since 2016 when the team claimed its first European Le Mans Series Championship, and it has been a real joy to see the team dominate this season.

United Autosport and its winning trio of drivers, former F1 driver Paul di Resta, Portuguese hot shot Filipe Albuquerque and young Briton Philip Hanson, were flawless and led for the majority of the 24-hour race, held behind closed doors for the first time in history. The 24-field category provided plenty of action from start to finish, and there were plenty of incidents despite the lack of forecast rain!  

Thanks to the proved quality of Motul’s products and to the partnership with Gibson Technologies, most of the Prototypes were using Motul Motorsport line of products. Most of the cars on the grid were benefiting from the legendary and multi-winner 300V Motorsport Line 5W-30 Power Racing engine oil, RBF 660 brake fluid, and full workshop range, all of which were essential to endure the 24 hours and cross the finish line. 

Motul 300V 5w30 Power Racing Oil
Motul 300V 5w30 Power Racing Oil

Also, the Motul R&D team provided onsite live analysis to the teams to monitor and make sure that all vehicles were not only in perfect conditions, but also to prevent any mechanical failure. The insights gained thanks to this live laboratory are key information for Motul’s future and improved oil formulations.

Witham Motorsport are proud to be the UK distribution partner for Motul automotive lubricants.

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COVID Protection products to keep you safe

Posted on Thursday September 17, 2020

New – Lightweight Snood Face Covering

Wearing a face covering is now mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England. The scientific evidence confirms that face coverings DO help prevent the spread of infection by limiting the amount of droplets passed between people.

With this in mind, we are now stocking new Witham Group quality Snood style face coverings, lightweight and comfortable for those who would prefer to wear them.

These Witham Branded Snood Face Covering Masks are available to buy in our online shop at £3.75 + VAT:

Motul Racing Face Masks

We are also stocking high quality Motul racing face masks to help everyone move around safer. Customer feedback shows these are extremely comfortable and easily washable. Whilst these masks are not currently available from our online shop, please call our Witham Motorsport team to place an order or for more information on 01353 723373.

New Hand Sanitiser Multi-Packs

We now have new packs of Hand Sanitiser to join our existing range of hand cleaning products. The hand sanitiser comes in a handy 250ml bottle with flip closing lid and conforms to the World Health Organisation’s recommended formula. Available in boxes of 12 – it’s ideal for all your business and family needs.

Cleaning Product Range

We also stock a range of cleaning products for use at home or work, including Pale Pine Disinfectant and Citrusol Fast Acting Cleaner.

Our hand cleaning range includes QualKleen Heavy Duty Handcleaner which contains natural orange oil, pumice and esters. Designed to remove the most ingrained oils, greases, paints, inks, tar, general dirt and grime. The pumice and esters give superior performance, coupled with moisturisers and an orange fragrance to leave the hands feeling fresh and clean. Ideal for workshops, farms, garages.

Also available is Qualcare Hand Cleaner – a high quality, white pearlised hand soap with added conditioners, pleasantly perfumed and kind to hands. Ideal for washrooms, work or home.  Available in 3 pack sizes: 1, 4 and 5 litres.

All our cleaning products are available to buy online with next working day delivery.

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Motul lubricants power Le Mans 24-hour competitors

Posted on Wednesday September 16, 2020

The 2020 edition of the world’s greatest endurance racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, will be unlike any other for many reasons, but our French lubricant partner MOTUL will still be at its heart as Official Lubricant Partner to the Automobile Club de l’Ouest and the FIA World Endurance Championship.

Witham Motorsport are proud to be the UK distributor for Motul automotive products – which offer unrivalled performance using synthetic lubricant technology and are being used by most of the competitors at Le Mans 24 Hours.

Motul’s historic partnership with Le Mans is in continual evolution, strengthened as the years go by, as witnessed earlier this year when Motul was an official partner in the first ever “24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual” esports race.

The 88th race in real life – which offers up valuable double points to the world championship teams – has a full grid of 60 entries, and the start of the twice-round-the-clock classic will be given at 14h30 on Saturday 19th September, finishing 24 hours later.

All change at Le Mans 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the race was postponed from its traditional June date to September, which will bring with it more hours of darkness and potentially more inclement weather for the teams and drivers to deal with. The biggest change, however, is that the race will be held behind closed doors and fans will have to follow the whole event on digital platforms.

MOTUL will be on site throughout the compressed 5-day schedule to bring the action closer to you and to show behind the scenes at how teams are preparing for this unique event. There will be several interactive opportunities for fans to watch out for, and they will be able to have a say on what would they like to see on MOTUL’s social channels during the event.

MOTUL out in force in LMP2

On track, thanks to Motul’s partnership with Gibson, most of the highly competitive LMP2 grid will be powered by the French brand’s race-winning lubricants! The flagship team for MOTUL this year will be DragonSpeed USA which has two entries and fans will be able to follow the full race live onboard DragonSpeed’s #21 car, on MOTUL’s Facebook and/or YouTube channel. Also, in the category, are 13 more MOTUL-supported entries from seven different European countries and the USA – all competing for the coveted top step of the podium.

These 15 cars will benefit from Motul’s full Motorsport Range of products including the legendary 300V Power 5W-30 and the RBF700 brake fluid which will be essential in getting them through the 24 hours and across the finish line.  

Oil Analysis support

Supporting all competitors, whether officially supported by Motul or not, will be the Motul Racing Lab.  An oil analysis service will be offered by Motul’s technical experts to any entrant wishing to use it, and the Lab will be open throughout the race week.

The history

Motul has been involved with the 24 Hours of Le Mans since the 1950’s – for over 60 years – which is one of the most enduring partnerships in motorsport.  Very few brands can commit to such persistence and passion for endurance racing.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the world’s oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, France.   In 1954, to support the launch of ‘Motul Century’ – the first truly multi-grade oil to be sold in Europe, the renowned lubricant company placed advertising banners and posters all around the 24 Hours of Le Mans track.  Now, 66 years later, the bond between Motul and Le Mans 24 Hours has not only endured but become yet stronger with Motul appointed as official lubricant partner to the ACO (founders of Le Mans 24 Hours) in 2015.

Motul’s celebrated 300V range has been used in competition at Le Mans since it was first launched in 1971.   The link between Motul and ACO is long held because they both have a deep-rooted passion for endurance racing and, for Motul, the discipline continues to be a living laboratory for the products of tomorrow which will benefit competitors and everyday oil users equally.

otul 300V racing motor oil

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