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Get your boat ready for the water this summer

Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

The Marine and Boating community breathed a sigh of relief recently as the Government confirmed that the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted:

 “All forms of water sports practiced on open waterways, including sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, paddle-boarding and the use of privately-owned motorised craft (in line with the guidance issued by the relevant navigation authority) are allowed.

If you’re getting your vessel in ship shape – whether it’s your weekend barge, yacht or industrial fishing and cargo ships, the Witham Group have tried and tested, reliable products for every application.

Our Marine range of products includes:

Our top coats and glosses are designed to provide an enhanced cosmetic finish to the boat and provide a protective barrier against the elements that will attack the surface of the vessel.

This Thames Sailing Barge, owned by Topsail Charters, is painted in Witham WOCO paint, including white gloss, “New Brunsick Green’ gloss, black gloss and “Moonstone Grey”.  All these paints were custom mixed at our depot in Lowestoft.

The picture above shows the Boon and Gaff from a Topsail Charters Sailing Barge freshly painted and varnished in WOCO red and grey oxide primer, undercoats, gloss and yacht varnish.

Fox Narrowboats

The narrowboat above is painted in Witham’s Woco Marine Undercoat & Gloss and the engine runs on Qualube Eurofleet 15W40.  

Our customer, Fox Narrowboats, service all their boats with Qualube Eurofleet 15W40.  They’ve been running on this product for over 20 years on thousands of boat engines with extensive hours being clocked up – and have never had an engine failure.

To view our Marine Products catalogue shown below click here

For more information on our Marine and Anti-Fouling paint range please visit our website, or contact your nearest depot at :www.withamgroup.co.uk/woco/contactuswoco/

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Servicing Your Classic Car at Home?

Posted on Thursday May 21, 2020

As car owners review their vehicles ready for the summer, when hopefully we will all be able to enjoy getting out, many vintage car owners are taking the opportunity to service their own vehicles as classic garages and workshops are closed.  However, remarkably almost 70% of all unreliability in machines and engines is caused by improper lubrication? (Source: Machinery Lubrication magazine.) so its vital to ensure you use the right products for the right vehicle.

Classic car oil

Get The Right Viscosity For Your Vehicle

Oil is to an engine what blood is to the human body.  If it’s too thick it can cause the engines oil system to clog (think heart attack); too thin and you risk uncontrolled wear.  So, selecting and maintaining the consistency (viscosity) is key.  When oil viscosity is too low or high, it may be detected as a loss of pressure in the oil supply to the engine. If you are not sure which vehicle needs which oil, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Oil Can Also Help With Fuel Economy

The thicker the oil is, the more energy it takes to pump the oil. This uses up fuel. Just like people who take blood thinning drugs to make it easier on their heart to pump it, it’s the same with engine oil – it still needs to be thick enough to prevent friction and wear and tear but can now offer superb protection at lower viscosities all keeping to the original manufacturer’s recommendations and approvals. It’s not just fuel economy, incorrect lubrication causes mechanical wear and premature equipment failure. Using the wrong or low-quality lubricants is a major factor given that it may not contain the essential chemistry to prevent premature wear and corrosion. 

At Witham, we are here to help – our Classic range of products has been designed for vintage vehicles that need a different approach to lubrication than those of the modern age. Trading since 1921, we know a thing or two about classic and vintage oils.

So before you get your treasured classic car out for a drive in the sun, be sure to check the engine oil, screenwash, gear & transmission oil, brake fluids, wiper blades, lights, tyre pressure and coolants levels.

For more information and to view our range of products for Classic cars, go to: https://www.withamgroup.co.uk/shop/classic-range/

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Witham featured in Classics Monthly magazine

Posted on Tuesday May 19, 2020

We’re delighted to be featured in the May issue of Classics Monthly magazine in their maintenance and servicing article which looks at the safety aspects of checking your classic car after winter storage.

The article includes some advice from the Witham Group’s Technical Director, Mick Kenyon. Mick talks about why brake fluids, screenwash and other lubricants are vital in keeping cars safe on the road.

It was great to see Witham All Seasons Screenwash and Qualube Classic Brake Fluid range featured in the magazine.

Our Classic range of products has been designed for veteran and vintage vehicles that need a different approach to lubrication than those of the modern age.

For more information about our Classic & Vintage range, visit our website at: https://www.withamgroup.co.uk/shop/classic-range/

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Workshop given upgrade with floor paint

Posted on Thursday May 14, 2020

Many of our customers with workshops and garages have been using the downtime caused by the COVID-19 restrictions to spruce up their premises and give floors a makeover.

Adrian Padley Motors Ltd is a used car and van dealer who also provide vehicle servicing and MOT’s. Like the Witham Group, they are a family run business with over 100 years’ experience in the motor trade based in Boston, Lincolnshire.

They recently decided to give their workshop a facelift by painting the floors.  They used WOCO Koverflor Type F (Single Pack) Polyurethane Floor Paint – TDS 462.  They choose the colour ‘Light Grey’ (00A05) which has given the space a fantastic fresh, clean new look.

Koverflor is a polyurethane based, quick drying, single pack oil and petrol resisting paint –  perfect for workshops and garages. It gives a tough abrasion resistant finish and is reliable on surfaces that are subject to hard wear.  Using this product can also prevent a cement floor from ‘dusting up’.

WOCO Koverlor is available in a variety of colours

WOCO Koverflor is recommended for high pedestrian traffic & vehicle areas such as workshops, office floors, corridors and show rooms.  It is available in many different colours and can be applied using a brush or roller.

For more information visit our website here or call your nearest local depot. All our paint products can be purchased in store or over the phone, and we can deliver direct to you.

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Have you got time for some DIY?

Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

Due to COVID-19 enforced recommendations, many people across the UK are spending time at home and taking the opportunity to carry out garden maintenance jobs and home improvements. During the spells of initial dry weather, now is the time to treat outdoor woodwork to protect it from the summer sun (and other not so nice summer weather!). In addition, children are in some cases based from home also, and with supervision, are being kept busy with outdoor tasks such as painting fences, sheds or garden furniture.

Witham Oil and Paint Ltd has seen an increase in orders of wood protection and paint products in recent weeks. MD – Nigel R Bottom said: “Customers are ordering many outdoor products at the moment, in particular,  WOCO Barn Paint and Witham Creocote, as they choose to modernise and spruce up their houses and gardens by protecting sheds, carports, fences and outbuildings in preparation for summer.”

The Witham Group has been providing its lubricants and paint coatings to businesses and individual customers around the UK since 1921. As a primary industry manufacturer, we are continuing to operate during the COVID-19 crisis, supplying many vital businesses and organisations with lubricants and greases to keep delivery and service vehicles on the road and farmers busy in their fields. All our products are available to order by telephone and online for delivery and / or collection.

Our popular WOCO Barn Paint provides protection against the elements and can instantly improve the appearance of barns, outbuildings, stables, sheds, houses, garden furniture, fencing and all types of timber or metal cladding. Available in seven stylish colours inspired by the coastal regions of Norfolk and Suffolk, including popular options ‘Suffolk Black’ and ‘Blakeney Grey’.

Barn Paint

If you have wooden fencing to protect and enhance, our environmentally sensitive wood treatment ‘Witham Creocote’ is similar in colour and odour to traditional creosote with very similar results. This oil-based treatment protects any outside wood from weather damage, rotting fungi and wood destroying insects, with a popular dark brown finish.

Creocote Wood Treatment

We can deliver to your home or business with next day delivery available from Monday-Friday.  Customers can either order online at www.withamgroup.co.uk/online-shop/ or telephone your local depot and the Witham Team will be happy to help.

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Garage door paint job

Posted on Thursday May 07, 2020

This aluminium garage door is over 20 years old and was pitted, starting to corrode and anodise with ingrained dirt.

The garage door was first washed and cleaned, and then one coat of WOCO Etch Primer (in grey) was applied with a brush.

A top coat was then painted the following day. We used 2 coats of Witham paint – WOCO Supercote Semi-Gloss Black

Garage door after painting

For more information about the Witham Group’s WOCO range of paints and coatings, visit www.withamgroup.co.uk/woco/

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Taking care of your car

Posted on Thursday April 23, 2020

Many garages & workshops are closed right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, but if you have to use your car, it is important to keep safe on the roads and avoid breakdowns by checking your oil levels and topping up coolants & screenwash.

Engine Oil

All vehicles, whether old or new, need oil in their engines and on working parts to help keep them lubricated. The oils help prevent friction, causing wear and tear and rust, all of which can lead to expensive repairs and breakdowns. Engine oils also help with fuel economy and reduced C02 emissions.

We sell Car Engine Oil online from £4.44 for 1 litre

Fill up your screenwash


Screenwash is important for clearing dirt, oil and other fluids from your vehicle’s windscreen which can otherwise limit your visibility. Making sure you have enough under the bonnet is therefore important.

Our All Seasons Screenwash is an excellent concentrated screenwash which removes traffic film, dirt and insect residue.  It also contains antifreeze to prevent freezing during the winter months. For more details visit our online shop.

Check your brake fluid

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluids have a limited life due to water absorption and the depletion of corrosion inhibitors over time. Wear particles and rubber fragments will also slowly build up.

We recommend that glycol-based brake fluids, (DOT 3 brake fluid, DOT 4 brake fluid, DOT 5.1 brake fluid) should be flushed, or changed, every 1-2 years. Car manufacturers advise periodic fluid changes to ensure the reliability and safety of the vehicle.

Brake Fluid is available to buy in our online shop from £10.19 for 1 litre

Top up your coolant

Engine Coolant

Together with the right engine oil, coolant (antifreeze) is the most important liquid found within your vehicle.

The main function of a coolant today is to stop the engine overheating when hot and / or freezing when the temperatures outside drop below zero.  It also protects an engine from corrosion. Many modern engines are manufactured with aluminium components which are prone to water corrosion.

We offer a choice of three products to suit all budgets and performance needs. Take a look at our online shop for more details.

We can deliver engine oil and workshop products to you at home or work – with next day delivery available from Monday-Friday.   

To order please either call us or visit our Online Shop:  www.withamgroup.co.uk/online-shop/

Please help save lives and only drive if your journey is essential.

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Useful products for the home, garden & garage

Posted on Tuesday April 14, 2020

During the current climate, we’re delivering many useful products to customers doing home and garden improvements or servicing their cars and machinery.   

Popular products include…

If we can help you please order by telephone or from our Online Shop:  www.withamgroup.co.uk/online-shop/

Got time to give your woodwork a facelift?

Need to paint and protect your gates and fencing? Our excellent creosote substitute ‘Creocote’ is proving very popular right now as people use their time at home to give the garden and outdoor areas some TLC.

Creocote Wood Treatment

Creocote is a very reliable and easy to apply oil-based treatment for exterior wood. It protects wooden fences, gates, sheds and barns from weather damage, rotting fungi and wood destroying insects.

Creocote has the same characteristic odour and dark brown colour as traditional creosote but without all the nasty chemicals and is available to buy online with next day delivery.

Garden fence painted with Creocote wood treatment

Buy now at: www.withamgroup.co.uk/shop/barn-paint-creocote/creocote/

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Witham Motorsport & Motul to sponsor Toyota GAZOO Racing UK in 2020 BTCC

Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

Motul, the world-class engine lubricant company, and its UK distributor Witham Motorsport, are set to sponsor Toyota Gazoo Racing UK for the 7th season running as they prepare to embark on the 2020 British Touring Car Championship season.

Although the BTCC 2020 season has been delayed due to UK Government restrictions as a result of COVID-19 Corona Virus, both Motul and its UK distributer Witham Motorsport, are delighted to be supporting driver Tom Ingram and the Speedworks/Toyota Gazoo Racing team again.

“Together with Motul, we are very proud to keep supplying our winning formula products to Speedworks Motorsport and we look forward to the exciting Championship once the season starts later his year” said Richard Scarbrough, Witham Motorsport Sales Director.

Driver Tom Ingram – widely tipped as a future BTCC champion and one of the series’ undisputed rising stars, will be driving the Corolla for the second year after changing from the Toyota Avensis that has won him nine races and secured consecutive Independent Team and Driver Trophies in 2017 and 2018.  

Tom commented: “When we look for a partner, we look for one that brings something more to the game than just a sponsorship budget. Like how they add value to the team. In Motul’s case, that was a direct impact on performance. That’s the driving force behind this partnership; not only are we working with incredibly passionate people but the product really improves our performance. Something sponsorship budget alone can’t achieve.”

After a winter of development and testing, Tom and team will be headed for their most successful season to date and after finishing on the top step of the podium an impressive 4 times in 2019 there is without a doubt more silverware to come!

Tom Ingram BTCC driver

Christian Dick, Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Principal said:
“Motul and Witham Motorsport have supported us since Tom came on board in 2014 and have become a major part of the team, their support has been infallible and we look forward to embarking yet another exciting new chapter with them, Good quality oil and fluids always improves performance so we’re delighted to be working with Motul and Witham Motorsport for what I hope will be our best season yet”.

The Championship annually attracts over twenty one million viewers on TV and tens of thousands of spectators at each race.  The official season launch date is yet to be announced but will take just as soon as it is appropriate and safe to do so.  

We excitedly anticipate the Witham Motorsport & Motul supported vehicle on the front row of the grid very soon!

See Motul’s interview with driver Tom Ingram here:  www.motul.com/gb/en/news/events-racing/tom-ingram-this-is-not-a-vacation-it-s-an-extra-three-months-to-prepare

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Transform your home & outside space with Barn Paint

Posted on Thursday April 09, 2020

In the current climate, many people are catching up on DIY jobs and sprucing up their outside spaces and premises. Our popular Barn Paint range is flying off the shelves for farmers, businesses and home-owners.

This paint offers outstanding protection, is so easy to apply and yet instantly improves the appearance of virtually any outbuildings, barns, stables, sheds, houses, extensions, garden furniture, fencing and all types of timber or metal cladding.

  • Easy to apply – water based
  • Offers outstanding weather protection
  • Low odour, Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly recommended by Farming UK for its excellent coverage

Available in 7 stylish colours inspired by the wooden clad buildings found in the Suffolk and Norfolk coastal regions.

Barn Paint is made from an acrylic resin system and offers a tough durable microporous protective coating with excellent colour retention. Flexible with the substrate, it can be applied to previously painted surfaces, such as weathered bitumen, tar, varnish or creosote. It reduces flaking and blistering providing a long-lasting coverage, yet with a fast-drying time.

It is available in 5ltr or 20ltr tins and extremely good value. 

To view the Barn Paint range or order online with next day delivery, go to: www.withamgroup.co.uk/shop/barn-paint-creocote/

For technical help and advice, contact the Witham Group at enquiries@withamgroup.co.uk.

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