Our Service to You

The Witham Group is so proud of its heritage and the emphasis it places on the service to all of our customers, whether old or new, big or small. Having recently celebrated over 95 years of trading, we know the importance of having firm standards of operations in place as the cornerstones of a good business and supporting those that work for us and those in our communities.

Quality Materials
One of the most important aspects in manufacturing reputable lubricants, is the quality of the raw materials that you start with. The “ingredients” that we use are second to none, which is why our products meet the latest and highest Original Equipment Manufacturers approved requirements. They are designed to advance both the performance of the machinery as well as reduce the emissions, maintenance, and wear and tear of the working parts. Driving further efficiencies in fuel economy our technical teams work hard in their laboratories to ensure the latest technologies maximise results whatever the application.

We operate traditionally within an industry where the use of additives, chemicals and energy is essential to the manufacturing process. However, we totally recognise and care about improving and reducing any impact on the environment wherever possible. We continually strive to find suitable environmentally friendly and bio-degradable raw materials wherever possible and are proud to be proactive in driving long term changes to help the environment and society at large.

Technical Support
As expert manufacturers of thousands of lubricant products, we are proud to have our own technical team of experts and laboratory based at the Lincoln Head Office. Using the latest technologies, products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality results. New products are researched and developed to ensure that all our lubricants are made to the latest specifications and requirements. Wherever possible, low toxic raw materials are used to minimise the effect on our environment and on the end user. Our technical team is available by telephone or email to answer any lubricant or paint queries on any application 5 days a week.

Our technical team is available by telephone or email to answer any lubricant or paint queries on any application 5 days a week.

Bulk Storage Tanks 
As part of our service to you, we can supply a range of specialist bulk storage tanks for workshops and outbuildings. Our lorries top up the colour coded tanks as required, which are clearly labelled for different products and uses. Customers find this unique service indispensable in helping with health and safety requirements and maintaining a shipshape environment for staff and day to day operations.

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Own Label Products
For many years now we have been able to offer a specialised “Own Label” packaging and labelling service for customers who wish to sell their own brand of oils and lubricants. Using our in house graphics and design team, we can help businesses and distributors market their own products which have the quality manufactured Witham product behind them.


Hallmark of Quality
We are proud to be accredited with the British Standard EN ISO 9001. This ensures our entire manufacturing and distribution processes meet the highest standard and provides assurance that the way we do business is recognised asgood practice.

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Show Time
As a way to say “thank you” to our customers and contacts we invite them to our stand each year at the various county shows. With exciting exhibits from the world of vehicles and machinery, we try to make our stand interesting and fun, whilst offering refreshments, friendly hospitality and a chance to catch up with customers old and new. We attend the Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Royal Norfolk shows each year, along with the relevant Agricultural Trade shows, LAMMA and Cereals, as well as other local events where we ensure prospective customers get the chance to find out what we do and how we can help them. 

Community Support
For many years now The Witham Group has supported a variety of local causes and charities. In particular we have worked hard to raise thousands of pounds for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, along with many other national and personal causes close to the hearts of our staff and their families. From lawnmower races to speedboats, motorbikes to cycling events, we have sponsored customers and colleagues keen to raise money for good causes, using our oil or paint products.

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