We Don't Just Sell Oil

Over the past 95 years, we have also manufactured paints and many other specialist coating products. Many of our lubricant customers require industrial paints for their machinery, buildings, workshops and vehicles and we can provide all these products to keep customer service and satisfaction all under one roof.We offer a unique range of industrial paints and finishes. Our customers for paints include HM The Queen for which we hold the Royal Warrant, Silverstone racetrack, the home of British Motor Racing and British Airport terminals. We also supply thousands of small business, farms and individuals throughout the UK and abroad.

Woco Logo

About Woco 
Woco is the Brand name for our range of durable, quality paints and coatings and signifies true expertise and quality. Our thoroughly developed products are made from high quality raw materials and are continually tested to give customers the ultimate reliability on every application. We offer a huge range of products to suit all sectors of business and trade use. From pipework to international racing circuits, vehicle fleets to conservatories, agricultural machinery to factories, swimming pools to bridges, our paint customers are wide and varied.

Technical Research and Expertise 
We are proud to have our own specialist in house technical research and development team, with the capability and knowledge to formulate and thoroughly test our paint products to the highest and latest international standards.

Application Methods and Order Sizes 
All our products are individually designed for use on different surfaces and different applications and can be applied using a range of methods including, brush, roller, conventional and air less spray applications. Our paints come in a choice of 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre tins and tubs and we can also provide you with the latest spray and application equipment, application advice and helpful hints on creating the perfect finish.

Colour Choice
With thousands of OEM, RAL and BS colours available, our paints are designed to provide any individual requirement. We also offer a free paint colour matching service which gives you the chance to create the exact colour you are looking for, without the extra cost. With technical support all the way, our speedy delivery will also make sure you don’t have to wait long to get started. 

Our reputable and reliable products can help you with:

• Single and Twin Pack Finishes

• Chlorinated Rubber Paints
• Isocyanate Free
• Undercoats and Primers
• Masonry Finishes
• Non Slip and Heat Resistant Paints
• Anti-Fouling and Anti-Condensation Paints
• Wood Treatments and Preservatives
• Thinners and Much Much More




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