Working Partnerships

Working together with Buying Groups and Co-operatives

As a provider of high quality products and services, Witham Group is proud to be a trusted supplier to many agricultural buying groups across the UK. Being a trusted supplier, means that we are recognised as continually offering the Groups and their members competitive prices and the highest standards of customer service.

We are very proud to work together with the following organisations:

North Herts Farmers

North Herts Farmers is the purchasing arm that the vast majority of farm businesses will never have. Originally formed on the back of local NFU groups who would bulk their orders together to give members buying power, the Hertfordshire arm grew until it had full time members of staff and now consists of 2 full time staff and 3 part time.


Anglia Farmers
Anglia Farmers is one of the largest agricultural purchasing group in the UK with a buying power in excess of £250m, purchasing almost 1/10th of the UK’s key farm inputs.  The group continues to grow, providing a highly professional procurement service for 3,500 shareholder members, who collectively farm over a million hectares of land.

Fram Farmers
Fram Farmers have over 50 years of experience and is the purchasing, grain marketing and administrative function of 1400 farming businesses across the UK. 

They act as an extension to a farm office, with industry professionals purchasing and marketing core agricultural inputs and outputs. The office, based in Framlingham, Suffolk, takes the administrative burden away from your farm / estate office, processing and streamlining invoices and bank payments and is run as a true farmer owned co-operative.


Lincs Machinery Ring (LMR)

LMR is a co-operative working with farmers, contractors and rural businesses (the members) to satisfy their machinery and labour needs and to supply inputs at group rates with the aim of reducing operating costs and improving business efficiency. The Ring is serving 800 members across the counties of: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, as well as South Yorkshire, East Derbyshire and North Cambridgeshire. Group buying services in fuels, gases and lubricants are extremely popular with members. Significant growth is also being seen in supplying concrete and in hiring tractors, trailers and plant. The group is also very successful with deals on electricity, telecoms, wearing parts and tyres.

Ridings Machinery Ring
The Riding’s Machinery Ring was established in 1992 by a group of farmers and contractors for the benefit of the agricultural industry in Yorkshire. Commodities such as hay, fertilizer and straw are traded between members to help maximise efficiencies. Many other items such as electricity, fuel, lubricants, parts and tyres are also provided at beneficial prices.  The RMR also offers useful training courses for members and continually offers the farming community flexibility, choice, information and help in managing their businesses more effectively with flexibility and control. 


Woldmarsh Producers
Woldmarsh Producers is a leading farmer buying group in the UK. The Woldmarsh team work hard to procure goods and services at preferential prices with all benefits negotiated passed directly back to its members.  Established over 50 years ago, Woldmarsh remains privately owned by its 800+ members, farming over 300,000 hectares stretching from Lincolnshire to Yorkshire, Midlands and The Isle of Man. The Witham Group is recognised as being a “Woldmarsh Preferred Supplier”. This accolade is only given to suppliers who continually offer members the best prices and service so only a select few have the opportunity to use this award. 

The Witham Group is delighted to be associated with the following Associations:

The primary objective and mission statement of the United Kingdom Lubricant Association is “To provide services of value to members and to promote the competitiveness of all concerned within the UK Lubricant sector. To educate regulators about the lubricant industry viewpoint. To help educate end-product users on the basics of appropriate lubricant selection, their safe use and disposal.” 

The UKLA organization, “acts as the voice of the UK lubricants industry” 

• Providing members with advice and information on current, future and pending legislation; * acting as a forum for industry views; 

• Monitoring UK Government departments and other Agencies about proposed legislative developments; 

• Lobbying to influence Legislation / Regulations and provide Members with an inflow of information, including an “early-warning system” on legislative issues; 

• Providing members with help on industry wide issues; 

• Gaining recognition as the focal point and lead body for the UK lubricants industry sector by UK Government and its agencies; 

• Communicating with members via LUBE magazine, the official journal of UEIL, the members only section of the UKLA Web-Site and the monthly UKLA Newsletter; 

•Facilitating specialist knowledge areas such as the Metalworking Fluids – Product Stewardship programme; 

• Rraining those who wish to widen their industry knowledge via the UKLA Certification of Lubricant Competence Training Programme; 

• Networking events, meetings and seminars

Witham Group's Managing Director, Nigel Bottom is a past President and current Executive Director on the Board of the UKLA and we are proud to be members of this association.



UEIL is the pre-eminent Trade Association in Europe representing the interests of companies involved in the lubricants industry. With members in over 20 European Member States and a unique collective experience of lubricants and the lubricants market, UEIL is the strongest representative body for independent manufacturers of lubricants in Europe. We facilitate the resolution of EU regulatory, investment, political and competitiveness issues that impact our members and play a role in creating better understanding of EU matters with members.

UEIL’s main priority for the current period is to achieve the right regulatory environment that permits there to be free and fair competition in the lubricants market:

• UEIL seeks to maintain a sound balance in the European lubricants market by providing representation for independent lubricant companies. UEIL is unique in providing such representation across Europe.

• UEIL is concerned with securing supplies of raw materials. In the lubricants industry, base oil suppliers are often at the same time lubricant manufacturers and hence competitors to the independents. This dual function can jeopardise free competition, particularly at times of base oil shortages.

• UEIL is confident that an adequate legislative and regulatory framework is necessary to give the independents the opportunity to meet the challenge of competition with major oil companies on an equal footing.

For the independent lubricant manufacturers there will continue to be an important role to play in Europe, with new opportunities and challenges. Such opportunities will also be open to the major oil companies. In order to succeed, the independents must focus on their strategic strengths and greater entrepreneurial freedom. UEIL has a unique and vital role in helping this success.

Witham Group's Managing Director, Nigel Bottom is on the Board of the UEIL and we are proud to be members of this association.

Verification of Lubrication Specifications
A subsidiary of United Kingdom Lubricants Association Ltd, VLS is a membership organisation, funded by its members and by the case charge levied in connection with each case raised. Membership is open to any lubricants manufacturer, marketer or associated user or seller who operates within the UK lubricants marketplace. The operation and governance of the company is fulfilled by a Board & Supervisory Committee, Secretariat and Technical Review Panel.

The VLS aims to:
• Respond to complainants by independently investigating and checking compliance to industry standards and performance claims within the UK marketplace

• Engage with market participants and relevant Authorities and industry bodies to pursue incorrect or false product quality and standards, with focus being placed on education and/or undertaking of remedial action to improve compliance • Ensure its engagement incorporates a ‘right of reply’

• Raise market awareness through publicly reporting findings from its investigations on the quality of lubricants sold in the market

• Promote the importance of lubricant quality and performance specifications within every UK lubricant market

• Advise VLS members, VLS participants, industry bodies and relevant authorities on case outcomes • Where remedial or corrective action is not undertaken, VLS will provide relevant information to industry bodies and relevant Authorities to take necessary action

• Welcome membership from all industry participants

Witham Group's Managing Director, Nigel Bottom is on the Board & Supervisory Committee of the VLS and we are proud to be members of this association.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association
Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales. Warrants have always been regarded as demonstrating excellence and quality, and are highly prized.

There are around 850 Royal Warrant Holders representing a huge cross-section of trade and industry. They range from traditional craftspeople to global and multinational firms operating at the cutting edge of technology.

Warrants are granted to named individuals – Grantees – who must personally ensure the Warrant is used correctly. Warrant Holders may display the relevant Royal Arms and the legend ‘By Appointment’ on their products, premises, stationery, vehicles and advertising.

Whatever their size or specialisation Warrant Holders are united by their commitment to the highest standards of service and excellence.

British Coatings Federation Ltd
We are members of the BCF, a body which provides training initiatives, encourages industry best practice and helps drive international changes for the paint, coatings, printing inks and wallcoverings companies. 

National Fluid Power Centre

The National Fluid Power Centre are the UK’s No.1 training provider for Integrated Systems Engineering, offering services to over 300 major companies both across the UK and Internationally.

Institute of Agricultural Engineers
The Institute of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) is a registered charity working for the public benefit through bringing together academics, practitioners and industry to share knowledge and promote professionalism in the advancement and application of technology in the land based sector. It is a professional membership organisation with grades for all those working in, or with an interest in agriculture and the environment. Employers recognise the value of IAgrE membership and the independent verification of education, training and experience that it provides.

The organisation promotes professionalism amongst members through professional qualifications with the Engineering Council and the Society for the Environment and registration with the Landbased Technician Accreditation Schemes.  

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