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About Us

Technical Support

Lubricant Support

As expert manufacturers of thousands of lubricant products, we are proud to have our own technical team of experts and laboratory based at the Lincoln Head Office. We also have a range of experts out in the field. Using the latest technologies, products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality results.

New products are researched and developed to ensure that all our lubricants are made to the latest specifications and requirements. Driving further efficiencies in fuel economy and reduction in emissions, our technical teams work hard in their laboratories to ensure the latest technologies maximise results whatever the application. Its not always easy to know which oil or grease you need in the right application and so we are here to help give you the correct and most efficient options.

Paint advice

Backed by years of experience in providing paints and coatings for industries including; industrial, woodcare and joinery, floor and line marking, decorative, marine and anti-fouling, equestrian, and many other specialists’ products, we offer market leading technical paint support to our customers.

We also understand that technical support begins before the paint is even applied, Our Technical Support team includes specialists in all areas including:

  • Application evaluation and help with finding the right product for the job
  • Pre-treatment effectiveness
  • Avoidance of waste
  • Cleaning
  • Problem solving

Wherever possible, low impact raw materials are used to minimise the effect on our environment and on the end user. Our technical team is available by telephone or email to answer any lubricant or paint queries on any application, five days a week.