Additional Specialist Paints and Coatings

Swimming Pool Paint - Type A
A chlorinated rubber non-breathable paint. Formulated for use in concrete swimming pools with a built in waterproof membrane. It is designed to dry to a satin gloss finish. Designed specifically to be hand brush applied. This product is extremely durable & chemically resistant.
TDS 518

Swimming Pool Paint - Type B
A chlorinated rubber breathable paint. Designed for use on swimming pools without a built in membrane. It dries quickly to a matt finish and is best applied by hand brush. It can be applied over previously painted surfaces where a known chlorinated rubber coating has been used. This product is extremely durable and chemically resistant.
TDS 519

Swimming Pool Paint - Type C Water Based
A universal swimming pool paint. Suitable for use on concrete swimming pools with or without built in membranes. It can be brushed or rolled to produce a pleasing matt finish.
TDS 337

Swimming Pool Sealer
Chlorinated rubber based sealer. Suitable for the initial priming of rendered pool walls.
TDS 544

Model Paint
An oil based enamel designed for excellent adhesion onto injection moulded plastic. Available in military and historic colours for the modeller.
TDS 005

Brillite Flourescent Paint
This high reflective “day glow” paint is designed specifically for safety rails, steel, primed wood, or aluminium substrates that require striking fluorescent colour for identification purposes.
TDS 491 

High Temperature Resistance Enamel Paint
A 120°C heat resistant enamel. To be applied directly onto radiators, pipes and flues. Limited range of colours.
TDS 222

Very High Temperature Resistance Enamel Paint
A 300°C heat resistant enamel gloss. To be applied directly onto surfaces requiring extreme protection against heat.
TDS 108

Very High Temperature Resistance Aluminium Paint

A 550°C  heat resistant ready mixed paint ideal for iron and steel surfaces which have to withstand extremely high temperatures. This ready mixed paint is based on silicone resin and is coloured with a metallic aluminium pigment which gives a bright metallic sheen for use on both inside and outside surfaces.
TDS 107 


Hammer Finish
An industrial finish coating, which gives a decorative hammered effect. For use on primed steel and aluminium surfaces this is available in a range of primary colours.
TDS 132

Plastic Primer
A quick drying primer based on an acrylic resin system. Suitable on a wide variety of substrates. Provides excellent key to top coats.
TDS 450

Anti-Thief & Vandal Paint
A unique material that provides a semi dry plastic coating to unpainted and painted surfaces including metal & plastic sills, drain pipes, concrete bricks, woodwork and roofing materials.
TDS 186

Anti Condensation Paint
Designed for use where condensation can be a problem. Suitable for catering establishments, food processing plants, electrical switch rooms and general enclosed areas with limited ventilation.
TDS 149



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