We Dont Just Sell Paint

Originally making cycle oils and candles in 1921, for over 90 years we have also manufactured and distributed industrial and commercial lubricants and grease products. During this time we have grown and developed our business to be able to offer a huge range of modern products made from our own blending plant in Lincolnshire.

Our products are delivered to an enormous variety of customers. Specialising in agriculture, automotive, haulage and marine industries, we also supply other markets such as engineering companies, plant machinery, international race circuits and pipework producers, all with reputable products that can be relied on year after year.

We are most proud to have been granted the Royal Warrant from HM the Queen for the products and services we supply to the Sandringham Estate.

Qualube is the Brand name for our range of quality lubricants, oils and greases. Made from the highest quality raw materials, Qualube lubricants offer an extensive range of specific products for specific industry uses. All our products meet the latest and highest Original Equipment Manufacturers approved requirements. Whether used in engines, hydraulic equipment, horticultural applications or general transmissions, they are designed to advance both the performance of the machinery as well as reduce the emissions, maintenance, and wear and tear of the working parts. Driving further efficiencies in fuel economy our technical teams work hard in their laboratories to ensure the latest technologies maximise results whatever the application.

In addition we strive to develop products that are biodegradable or more environmentally friendly with the same high level of performance and reliability.

As a family business, our independence gives us the refreshingly personal and long term approach to customers and our service and flexibility on deliveries and order times are second to none. We offer a wide range of lubricant products including:

• Engine Lubricants
• Passenger Car Motor Oils
• Agricultural Lubricants
• Hydraulic Lubricants
• Biodegradable Lubricants
• Horticultural Range
• Gear Oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids
• Classic Lubricants for Vintage Vehicles
• Greases
• Antifreeze Products 

We also offer the following unique services for our lubricant products: Bulk Storage Tanks As part of our service, we can supply a range of specialist bulk storage tanks for workshops and outbuildings. Our lorries top up the colour coded tanks as required, which are clearly labelled for different products and uses. Customers find this unique service indispensable in helping with health and safety requirements and maintaining a ship shape environment for staff and day to day operations.

Lubrication Surveys
To ensure the right lubrication product is used in the right vehicle or application, we can undertake free bespoke lubrication surveys for each customer. This could be on a large vehicle fleet or on individual items of machinery and equipment. A copy of this itemised report is then kept by us for future technical support and advice, and also by the customer. The survey is presented in an easy to refer to file so that all the engine and lubricant descriptions are in one place for future use.

Own Label Products
For many years now we have been able to offer a specialised “Own Label” packaging and labelling service for customers who wish to sell their own brand of oils and lubricants. Using our in house graphics and design team or working in partnership with the customers, we can help businesses and distributors market their own products which have the quality manufactured Witham product behind them. We are proud to be accredited with the British Standard EN ISO 9001:2008. This ensures our entire manufacturing and distribution processes meet the highest standards and provides assurance that the way we do business is recognised as good practice. We strive to ensure the customer is at the heart of every business decision we make and ensure our prices are competitive and products of the highest quality. 



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