Is Your Outside Space Ready for Summer?

As the days grow warmer, we want to spend more time outside, and now is the time to clean and maintain your home or business property’s outside area and ensure its protected for the year ahead. Protecting exterior woodwork is important to avoid cracking, rot and warping, but it can also transform the look of outdoor areas such as fencing, decking, outbuildings, stables, windows and garden furniture.

As specialists in professional wood care and metal maintenance, we’ve rounded up some of our best selling paints and coatings and some top tips to help, whatever your outdoor project is…

Clean and Revive Your Timber

Take the time to thoroughly inspect your outdoor areas, cleaning debris, leaves and dirt from garden furniture and decking. 

  • Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a powerful treatment that restores the natural characteristic of greyed, weathered wood. It revives the fresh warm tones of the wood, with an easy to use but effective gel. Odourless and biodegradable.  Find out more…

Protect and Nourish Your Woodwork

Outdoor woodwork is particularly susceptible to weather damage so it’s essential to apply a high-quality wood treatment or preservative such as:

  • Woco Timberlast Protector: This high-quality, yet economical wood preserver protects and penetrates wooden surfaces from water, UV rays, decay and mould. Ideal for sheds, fences and timber structures where a translucent and water repellent finish is required. Find out more…
  • Osmo Decking Oil: Specially formulated to penetrate deep into the wood, this oil nourishes and protects wooden decking from weather damage, leaving a water-repellent finish.  Find out more
  • Dark Creocote: With its dark brown shade, Creocote is ideal to protect fencing and rough woods. It offers excellent water repellency. Find out more

Update Exterior Buildings

  • Woco Barn Paint is hugely popular and improves the appearance of houses, outbuildings, barns, sheds, fencing and all types of timber.  It provides weather protection, is easy to apply, water based, low odour, non toxic.  Find out more…
  • Woco Woodcote Exterior Wood Satin is an oil based, excellent exterior wood treatment but with a choice of transparent or 19 different colours to help your outside colour scheme shine. Find out more…
  • Woco Water Based Top Coat: This outstanding high sheen coating provides all round weather resistance. It has a unique acrylic dispersion giving an unbeatable finish and can be colour matched for windows, doors or cladding. Find out more…

Give Your Masonry A Refresh

Don’t forget walls, stables and outbuildings made from bricks or blocks, can be instantly transformed using some of our specialist range to bring your exterior masonry to life:

  • Sandtex Fungicidal Solution will clean and prepare the masonry surface and kill mould, algae and fungal growth.
  • Woco Exterior Eggshell Masonry Finish provides a tough, durable coating for exterior surfaces including cement render, concrete, brickwork. Find out more…

Transform Your Metal

Avoid rusty gates and corroding metal work by using some of our range of metal primers and topcoats, including:

  • Woco Zinc Phosphate Primer: This high-performance, anti-corrosive primer provides excellent protection for ferrous metals, ensuring a long-lasting and durable finish.  Find out more..
  • Woco Supercote: A high-quality, durable topcoat designed for use on metal surfaces, offering excellent colour and gloss retention even in the harshest weather conditions.  Find out more..

We’re Here To Help!

If you need any help or advice, please contact your local depot and our friendly team will be happy to assist.  See all our contact details here.

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