Keep safe on the road this summer


As the weather gets warmer and we go out for more day trips and longer journeys,  it is vital to keep your vehicles safe on the roads and avoid unnecessary breakdowns or accidents.

Checking your car is in good shape in between services and before long journeys is really important and there are some simple fluid checks that will help reduce the risks for you and your family, as well as lowering the chances of costly repairs.

Top up your engine coolant

Coolants help regulate the temperature of your engine, prevent overheating and reducing build-up of corrosion, which can do untold damage.  We offer a wide choice of coolants to suit all budgets and types of vehicles.   View the range on our website or call your local depot for advice. Our online lubricant finder can also help advise you which fluids you need for your type of vehicle.

Check Your Engine Oil

Fresh Engine Oil keeps your engine running smoothly, preventing impurity build up, friction, and wear and tear, all of which can lead to costly breakdowns. Our trusted range of engine oils protect all types of vehicle. Call us for advice or use our online lubricant finder tool which will recommend the correct engine oil for you.


Brake Fluid is essential for working breaks – they simply won’t work without it. Many people forget that brake fluids are a life saver and crucial for safe stopping power. Don’t let a low level or the wrong type of oil put you in dangerous situation.

Witham Qualube Brake Fluids are made to exceed vehicle manufacturer’s standards and have been designed for a wide variety of vehicles for use at high temperatures.


Keeping a clear visibility when you are driving is vital,  especially in dusty and bad weather conditions or if there are insects and bugs about. A simple top up keeps everything clear and clean.

Our All Seasons Screenwash is an excellent concentrated screenwash which removes traffic film, dirt and insect residue.  It also contains antifreeze to prevent freezing during the winter months – providing all year round cleanliness.

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