Fleet oil switch helps improve fuel economy & lower emissions

All commercial OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are pushing towards lower viscosity lubricants for the same reason as all car manufacturers –  the need to save fuel and by doing so reduce emissions.

The fuel savings quoted by various lubricant and vehicle manufacturers are often produced by running a specific vehicle with a dedicated driver around a circuit under very tightly controlled conditions. This is why they have always been treated with a healthy scepticism, mainly because “real” driving and haulage isn’t like that.  Witham Group deliveries vary in mileage, terrain, weather conditions and types of delivery vehicles.

So as an ongoing part of the Witham Group’s strategy to reduce as much as possible our environmental impact, together with a desire to be able to share any genuine savings using fuel efficient lubricants based on our own fleet with customers, our HGV fleet will be moved over to fuel efficient lubricants in the coming months.

We have switched the lorries from a Qualube Supremol 10w/40 to a Qualube Supremol 5w/30. The technicalities are the same, but the viscometrics are making the difference …. less drag, less energy needed and therefore the vehicle uses less fuel.  Still fully approved by Mercedes Benz, but sold by us and now used by us as a fuel efficient alternative.

The first truck was moved over on the 1st June 2020 and has already shown an 11% increase in fuel economy to July 2020, resulting in an extra 531 miles being travelled on the same amount of fuel as previously and a reduction of 3.31gms of CO2 per mile.

We are monitoring closely on our Transport Dashboard all the MPG for each commercial vehicle. We have now moved to putting more fuel-efficient oil in each lorry as they are being serviced. Again, over the next 3-6 months we will be able to track the fuel usage and record and see if the latest oil is really having an impact on the fuel used.

Qualube Supremol 5W30

Witham Qualube Supremol 5W30

Qualube Supermol FS 5W30 is a fully synthetic product specifically designed for MAN Euro 6 engines requiring the MAN 3677, this product also meets a huge range of other specifications including ACEA E6, E7 & E9, Volvo VDS-3 & VDS 4, MB 228.51 & 228.31, Scania LDF-4 MAN M3677 & Scania LDF-4 amongst many others.

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The Witham Group are leading the way with the latest engine lubricants that can make a real difference to fuel economy and lowering emissions. Please contact your local depot for more information. Contact details can be found at: