Superior heavy duty lubricants for optimum performance

From road laying equipment to cranes, forklifts to excavation machinery and for all types plant and off-road vehicles, we have the reliable range of products, to ensure that they all keep running smoothly whatever the conditions.

We are proud to be preferred suppliers throughout the UK, of award-winning engine lubricants, transmission and gear oils, hydraulic lubricants, brake fluids and greases for the plant and off road industry. We also provide other useful products including an environmentally sensitive range, industrial paints, workshop and cleaning solutions, anti-freeze and coolants. Using only the highest quality raw materials, our products meet both the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements and industry specifications. We help keep vehicles and machinery, that cope with extreme pressured working conditions, at maximum efficiency for longer.


Using only the latest technology, our best selling range of heavy duty engine oils are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of engines working hard in tough operating conditions. These oils not only reduce component wear and tear, they also help lower CO2 emissions and enhance fuel economy. All our lubricants ensure that OEM warranty conditions are not jeopardised and ervicing costs are kept to a minimum.


Our Universal Lubricant range offers versatility, performance and grade rationalisation opportunities. Using the latest technology, these lubricants help save  money by creating a precision product for a variety of applications. Universal oils provide reliability and compatibility to a vast range of machinery and  equipment, whatever the age and size and meet original OEM specifications.


Today’s modern transmissions need to cope with huge variety of driving and extreme condition pressures. Made to protect and prolong relevant components, our Qualube range of advanced oils improve gear shift performance, protect components under high load conditions, improve transmission efficiency with potential fuel savings and give high temperature stability during sustained long-distance work shifts. All this keeps breakdowns to a minimum and maximises longevity of your machinery.


Manual or automatic vehicles need to cope with huge variety of driving and extreme condition pressures. Made to protect and prolong relevant components, our extensive Qualube range of advanced gear oils maximise performance and keep breakdowns to a minimum.


Our extensive range of Qualube Hydraulic and Industrial Oils are used on a vast array of plant and machinery equipment. Often providing anti-foam, anti-rust
and anti-wearing properties, they are each designed to ensure excellent performance under heavy and stressful loads and wide variations of temperature.



Our range of universal brake and clutch fluids are blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems. They are manufactured to exceed vehicle manufacturer’s standards and has been designed for use at high temperatures under the
most severe conditions, so helping the force of the braking process.


Our extensive range of specialist greases are designed for a vast array of specific uses. Correct grease lubrication is vital to extend the life of the components, reduce corrosion and enhance equipment reliability and performance. Manufactured using the latest high quality raw materials, our range includes greases for high extremes of temperatures, heavy and shock loads, vibration, high speed and wet and saturated conditions. We can also offer greases suitable for chemical environments and the Food Industry, as well as Biodegradable options.


The demand for safer, cleaner products has led to a huge increase in the development of environmentally sensitive and biodegradable lubricants that still give comparable performances to their mineral counterparts. As part of our commitment to put the environment at the heart of what we do, Witham Group has developed a growing range of BIOLUBE, PROLAN & ENVIROYL environmentally sensitive products, all designed to help reduce lubricant impact and pollution in the countryside, in food production, in waterways and for the end user themselves.

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