Eco Friendly Products are no longer a small niche

Products that no longer harm the user or the land or the environment, that are biodegradable and non carcinogenic are more popular than ever. But did you know in the lubricant world some can also have the qualities to be more long lasting that traditional products, so saving you time, money as well as the world around you. Here, we discover how Witham can offer you some real quality alternatives for a wide range of uses.

Lubricants production is part of a much longer process and value chain starting with the procurement of raw materials. The quality raw materials used by us consist of complex chemical raw materials, renewable raw materials and a wide range of base fluids. We ensure that the raw materials used comply with all EHS regulations (environmental, health and safety) and that our resulting products meet the latest and highest Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) approval. They are sourced from compliant and reputable suppliers and the engine lubricants we manufacture are designed to advance both the performance of the machinery as well as reduce emissions, maintenance costs and wear and tear.

The demand for safer, cleaner products has led to a huge increase in recent years of the development of environmentally sensitive and biodegradable lubricants that still give comparable performances to their mineral counterparts.

As part of our commitment to put the environment at the heart of what we do, Witham Group has developed a growing range of BIOLUBE, PROLAN & ENVIROYL environmentally sensitive products, all designed to help reduce lubricant impact and pollution in the countryside, in food production, in waterways and for the end user themselves. Here is just some of our best selling products from our growing biodegradable environmental range.

Our award winning Prolan lanolin based lubricants are environmentally safe, biodegradable and certified NSF for the food industry. Around the workshops and for the end user they are safe, easy to apply and clean to use. The key ingredient is lanolin made from sheep’s wool which is non toxic and so helps with the protection of our environment, especially in rivers, oceans, marinas, forest and land areas.

We are very proud of this unique and yet remarkable range of products and have been delighted to win awards for its innovation recognised by the agricultural industry. The key to this range is not only that it is safe to use and has unique non toxic qualities, but whatever the viscosity or for what ever application, its remarkable rust prevention and long lasting lubrication qualities are second to none. The need to reapply is drastically reduced compared to most other general lubricants and the universal way it can protect, metals, wood and electrical components is astonishing.

Witham Group MD Nigel Bottom comments:

“As a long-standing manufacturer of lubricants and greases, we understand the importance of protecting equipment and vehicles from corrosion and avoiding costly breakdowns. We offer a range of rust prevention products suitable for just about every type of application, including our award winning, food safe and biodegradable Prolan range of rust preventative products, which have been reviewed with outstanding results and are of the highest quality.”

All our Environmentally Sensitive Lubricant Ranges are Biodegradable…

For more information about our Environmentally Sensitive range and what we are doing to become more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact, go to the Environment section of our website:



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