In recent years there has been a global move towards more environmentally sustainable products and people are increasingly looking for more environmental alternative lubricants and greases. Prolan lubricants are truly remarkable products for use in the fight against corrosion and protection...

Witham Group have previously been a distributor of Prolan products, but are now proud to be the sole importer and distributor for the UK and Ireland. The Prolan concept was originally created in New Zealand and is now a growing global, environmentally friendly, and extremely high quality lubricant range that Witham are delighted to be involved with.

The choice of products has been expanded by Witham to create five new viscosities, from light grade to extreme grade. Prices have also been drastically reduced, due to the reorganisation of the import structure. As more companies address the use of chemicals in their supply chain, and want to improve their sustainability credentials, this unbeatable high quality lubricant is a popular choice for many businesses.

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  1. Prolan LIGHT Grade Lubricant
    Prolan LIGHT Grade Lubricant
    From £15.50 £12.92
    A highly effective, multi-purpose light grade liqu... [more]
  2. Prolan MEDIUM Grade Lubricant
    Prolan MEDIUM Grade Lubricant
    From £12.60 £10.50
    An unbelievably reliable all round, medium grade l... [more]
  3. Prolan HEAVY Grade Lubricant
    Prolan HEAVY Grade Lubricant
    From £9.52 £7.93
    An incredibly long-lasting all round, heavy grade... [more]
  4. Prolan EXTREME Grade Lubricant
    Prolan EXTREME Grade Lubricant
    From £19.98 £16.65
    This is an outstanding, long-lasting multi-purpose... [more]
  5. Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    From £12.95 £10.79
    An incredibly long-lasting multi-purpose grease, i... [more]
  6. Prolan Specific Degreaser
    Prolan Specific Degreaser
    From £28.66 £23.88
    Prolan Specific Degreaser is a citrus based cleane... [more]

6 Items

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