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  1. 20kg Cleaning Rags
    20kg Cleaning Rags
    From £29.75 £24.79
    These high quality cotton rags are excellent for g... [more]
  2. All Seasons Screenwash
    All Seasons Screenwash
    From £7.15 £5.96
    Our excellent All Seasons Screenwash is a concentr... [more]
  3. Blue 2 Ply Centre Feed Roll 6 Pack
    Blue 2 Ply Centre Feed Roll 6 Pack
    From £22.74 £18.95
    Blue 2 Ply centrefeed roll is a superior paper pro... [more]
  4. Citrusol Fast Acting Cleaner
    Citrusol Fast Acting Cleaner
    From £28.60 £23.83
    A fast acting, concentrated, citrus-based cleaner... [more]
  5. Hand Cleaner Dispenser
    Hand Cleaner Dispenser
    From £4.90 £4.08
    Keep your washrooms clean and tidy with our wall... [more]
  6. Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    From £75.02 £62.52
    Witham’s Hand Sanitiser is a popular choice for... [more]
  7. QualCare Hand Cleaner
    QualCare Hand Cleaner
    From £9.07 £7.56
    QualCare Is A High Quality, White Pearlised Hand S... [more]
  8. QualCare Hand Cleaner Soap Bottle
    QualCare Hand Cleaner Soap Bottle
    From £9.90 £8.25
    Help keep your washrooms tidy with our handy 1Ltr... [more]
  9. QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    From £10.16 £8.47
    QualKleen heavy-duty hand cleaner contains natural... [more]
  10. Qualube Absorbant Granules
    Qualube Absorbant Granules
    From £10.25 £8.54
    Multi-purpose soft clay absorbent granules which i... [more]
  11. Qualube Paper Roll Wipes
    Qualube Paper Roll Wipes
    From £45.92 £38.27
    Paper Roll Wipes are a commercial size product inc... [more]
  12. Qualube Solvent Degreaser
    Qualube Solvent Degreaser
    From £8.23 £6.86
    Qualube degreaser is a solvent cleaner fluid that... [more]
  13. Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    From £71.57 £59.64
    Our Gold top quality TFR not only cleans off dirt... [more]
  14. Witham Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes
    Witham Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes
    From £8.16 £6.80
    These Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes are formed with a mil... [more]
  15. Witham Heavy Duty Textured Wipes
    Witham Heavy Duty Textured Wipes
    From £7.20 £6.00
    These Heavy Duty Textured Wipes are made from a du... [more]
  16. Witham High Active Detergent
    Witham High Active Detergent
    From £14.95 £12.46
    This soap based water soluble detergent is suitabl... [more]
  17. Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    From £7.76 £6.47
    Our Pale Pine Disinfectant provides a safe, powerf... [more]
  18. Witham TFR Cleaner
    Witham TFR Cleaner
    From £40.57 £33.81
    Our General Purpose TFR is used in power wash spra... [more]
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