Fenwick and Tilbrook offer a stunning, made-to-order range of truly high-quality paints. Taking inspiration from the natural world around us, their paints are made using the finest ingredients and are available in a number of different finishes. All of their products are manufactured in the UK, and their packaging is fully recyclable.

This range is water-based with very low VOC, and is described as highly durable, with an extraordinary depth of colour, whilst being easy to apply and offering great coverage. With 120 fantastic
colours in their standard range, Fenwick and Tilbrook’s paint is  ‘self-priming’, easy to apply, fast-drying and is manufactured to the highest possible environmental standards. Please call us to arrange sample pots, colour cards and a quick delivery of your order.

Some of our paint products, including this range, aren’t available to buy online. Please contact us or call your local depot and we’ll be happy to offer advice and arrange a quick delivery for you.