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One Oil, Multiple Applications...

Progressive emission legislation is increasing demand for reduced greenhouse gases and improved fuel economy, requiring smarter development of engine lubricant design.  New technology in engines is constantly driving the use of alternative fuels which also determine and measure CO² emissions of commercial vehicles, in the fight to reduce fuel consumption.

The need to keep all the variety of engines working healthily is crucial and understanding what the vehicle manufacturer demands is becoming increasingly more challenging. Lower viscosity lubricants are now able to help with this challenge to save fuel and lower emissions. However fleet operators are often forced to purchase multiple lubricant products that meet different specifications to satisfy warranties and many of these are sometimes the same viscosity grade.

The Witham Group have been experts in engine lubricants for over 100 years, working with the latest technologies and original vehicle  manufacturers to ensure customers get maximum performance, minimum emissions and reduced failure problems.

Our best selling Qualube Masterfleet Universal Heavy Duty Engine Oil helps rationalise and simplify the choice of lubricants needed in over 95% of all heavy duty applications and helps eliminate confusion without compromising on quality, emission requirements or warranty suitability. Qualube Masterfleet is a heavy duty, fully synthetic lubricant, specifically designed to give the widest coverage of major heavy duty diesel engine specifications as possible. This single product could help your business save time and money with extended drain times, cleaner engines, decreased breakdowns and reduced emissions all in a single purchase.

Some of our paint products, including this range, aren’t available to buy online. Please contact us or call your local depot and we’ll be happy to offer advice and arrange a quick delivery for you.

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    Qualube Masterfleet HD 10W-40
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