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  1. Copper Grease
    Copper Grease
    From £11.88 £9.90
    This product is often used in the assembly of various ...[more]
  2. Graphited Grease
    Graphited Grease
    From £22.58 £18.82
    This NLGI.2 calcium based grease incorporates high levels of graphite ...[more]
  3. Lithium 3 Grease
    Lithium 3 Grease
    From £4.20 £3.50
    An NLGI.3 lithium based grease, often used in older applications ...[more]
  4. Lithium Complex
    Lithium Complex
    From £3.14 £2.62
    This NLGI.2 grease is used in applications where high temperature ...[more]
  5. Lithium Complex 1 Grease
    Lithium Complex 1 Grease
    From £4.14 £3.45
    Lithium Complex 1 Grease is a premium quality, high performance, ...[more]
  6. Lithium EP 1 Grease
    Lithium EP 1 Grease
    From £4.22 £3.52
    A Lithium based NLGI.1 grease incorporating extreme pressure additives for ...[more]
  7. Lithium EP2 Grease
    Lithium EP2 Grease
    From £2.87 £2.39
    An extreme pressure NLGI.2 grease, this multi-purpose product is specified ...[more]
  8. Lithium EP2 SV Blue Grease
    Lithium EP2 SV Blue Grease
    From £4.14 £3.45
    Qualube Lithium EP2 SV Blue Grease is a premium quality, ...[more]
  9. Lithium EP3 Grease
    Lithium EP3 Grease
    From £2.41 £2.01
    A premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction ...[more]
  10. Lithium LM2 Grease
    Lithium LM2 Grease
    From £4.45 £3.71
    A premium quality multi-purpose grease for use ...[more]
  11. Multi-Purpose EP2 Calcium Grease
    Multi-Purpose EP2 Calcium Grease
    From £3.29 £2.74
    Qualube Multi-Purpose EP2 Calcium Grease is made with Calcium and ...[more]
  12. Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    From £16.43 £13.69
    An incredibly long-lasting multi-purpose grease, ideal for all rust protection ...[more]
  13. RopeQual 00
    RopeQual 00
    From £44.51 £37.09
    This outstanding semi-fluid wire rope lubricant is designed to meet ...[more]
  14. Silicone Grease
    Silicone Grease
    From £121.07 £100.89
    Qualube Silicone Grease is a WRAS approved silicone ...[more]
  15. White Petroleum Jelly
    White Petroleum Jelly
    From £32.46 £27.05
    A white petroleum jelly of medicinal quality, used by various ...[more]
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