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Anti-freeze & Coolants

For all year-round temperature stability, the choice of correct coolant has never been more important...

Time and again it has been proved that putting the right product in your engines makes all the difference to the increased performance, efficiency and reliability of your vehicles. We have the perfect range of Antifreeze and Coolants to protect your engines, whether automotive, classic or heavy duty from frost damage, overheating and corrosion all year round, ensuring reliable starts whatever the age of the vehicle.

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  1. Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant
    Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant
    From £23.47 £19.56
    Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant is a monoethylene glycol-based engine pre-mixed ...[more]
  2. Qualguard ORATEC Concentrated Coolant
    Qualguard ORATEC Concentrated Coolant
    From £19.34 £16.12
    Qualguard ORATEC Coolant is a monoethylene glycol-based engine coolant concentrate. ...[more]
  3. Qualguard Si-OAT 50/50 Coolant
    Qualguard Si-OAT 50/50 Coolant
    From £5.50 £4.58
    Qualube Qualguard 50/50 Si-OAT Coolant is pre-mixed ready to use ...[more]
  4. Qualguard Si-OAT Concentrated Coolant
    Qualguard Si-OAT Concentrated Coolant
    From £5.06 £4.22
    Qualube Qualguard Si-OAT Coolant is an engine coolant concentrate based ...[more]
  5. Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant
    Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant
    From £5.03 £4.19
    Qualube Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant is a engine coolant concentrate based ...[more]
  6. Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze
    Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze
    From £7.46 £6.22
    Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze Is a general purpose antifreeze, based on ...[more]
  7. Qualube Qualguard HD5X Coolant
    Qualube Qualguard HD5X Coolant
    From £70.75 £58.96
    Qualguard HD 5X Coolant is a blue/green ethylene glycol-based engine ...[more]
  8. Qualube Qualguard Premium BIO MPG Coolant - Non-Automotive
    Qualube Qualguard Premium BIO MPG Coolant - Non-Automotive
    From £193.03 £160.86
    This biodegradable Antifreeze and Coolant is the “Green Alternative to ...[more]
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