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Good gun care is vital to keep any shotgun or firearm performing accurately, safely, and with reliable precision. Regular cleaning and lubricating will also offer effective protection from the major issue of rust and impurities. Using the correct and specifically designed products are crucial, as general lubricators and cleaners can be incredibly harmful to the delicate mechanisms of the gun and its wooden or plastic parts.

Our knowledge of having to supply and deliver the highest performance lubricants has driven us to produce a new top quality range of Gun Oils and Gun Barrel & Choke Cleaner suitable for all types of firearms.

Our Gun care range includes the highest quality oils with an award winning, environmentally safe, biodegradable option which has outstanding lubricating qualities without all the nasties. The gun cleaner helps remove harmful deposits that can build up inside and impair the firing accuracy.

Customer Reviews…

“I am impressed with the quality of these new products. Witham Gun Oil is easy to use and flows well from the can. It does not leave a sticky residue and keeps parts lubricated for a long time. It’s a really nice gun oil that I’ll continue to use to protect my guns.”  Steven Wilkinson, Lincolnshire Farmer and Game/Clay shoot enthusiast

“Witham’s gun cleaner removed a surprising amount of grime from my gun and the aerosol was easy to use and managed to get to the hard-to-reach parts.”   John Lee, AAA registered, Pro Shot & Beretta World Champion

“I used Witham’s Prolan gun oil to protect my gun before a shoot and was impressed by its staying power and how long the water proofing lasted – even in the pouring rain.  The lanolin is an outstanding natural protector which is equally as good as regular gun oil – but better for the environment.”  Tom Maplethorpe, Game shooter and Arable Farmer

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  1. Gun Barrel & Choke Cleaner
    Gun Barrel & Choke Cleaner
    From £9.70 £8.08
    Designed to deliver unparalleled cleaning ability. An ultra-effective, blend of ...[more]
  2. Witham Biodegradable Gun Oil
    Witham Biodegradable Gun Oil
    From £12.79 £10.66
    Witham Prolan Biodegradable Gun Oil is made with lanolin oil, ...[more]
  3. Witham Gun Oil
    Witham Gun Oil
    From £10.02 £8.35
    Witham Gun Oil is a high quality, light viscosity, mineral ...[more]
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