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Our Lubricant Expertise

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Keeping up to date with all the latest technological advances, industry standards and legal requirements, we are passionate about only using only the right oil for the right vehicle or machinery and helping customers, mechanics and the wider world understand more about the role of lubricants and the importance of products meeting OEM, ACEA, API and environmental requirements.

Our whole lubricant product range is unquestionably of the highest standards and with our hands on involvement and positions within the UK and European lubricant industry bodies, we have up to the minute information as well as an internal ethos to deliver unrivalled service, personal technical support and reliable deliveries.


We also have the unique advantage of supplying Motul automotive products in the UK and have outstanding racing technology expertise at our hands from the global lubricant giant Motul’s, Technical and Development team. Being able to provide other non-lubricant services such as garage and workshop products, floor paints, cleaning and rust prevention solutions means we can help customers with all their lubricant, paints and other product advice all under one roof.

Please contact us to check which oil is right for your vehicle or machinery or click here to use our Online Lubricant Finder.