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Paint Colour Matching Service

We offer a unique paint colour matching service. Our dedicated paint technicians are on hand to find you the perfect match!

There is no limit to what colour you can choose now a days for inside or outside. We offer a popular free paint colour matching service which gives you the chance to create the exact colour you need without extra cost. Uniquely, we offer a colour match service on a whole range of finishes – from paints for machinery, vehicles or metals, to paint for exterior woodwork and interior decorative finishes. This means you can match or create a one-off colour or range of colours, bespoke for your own home, business or country estate all under one roof.

With colour approvals from hundreds of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we offer our paint matched to any full RAL, BS4800 and BS5381C ranges, as well as tinting paints to suit specific colour choices, whatever the decorative finish.

We also have our own Supercote, Barn Paint and Koverflor popular product ranges, all depending on what you want to paint and what finish you require.

Please contact us to discuss your colour match requirements and we will be more than happy to help.