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Industry Endorsements & Awards

Witham Group is passionate about quality and improving industry standards. We are committed to ensuring that our lubricants and paints are credible and trusted and aim to provide excellence in all that we do.


Witham Oil and Paint Ltd are extremely proud to have been awarded the Royal Warrant in 1991, for the goods and services we supply to the Royal Estates. The Royal Warrant helps underline our company’s commitment to maintaining and building its reputation as producers of the finest quality lubricants and paints and suppliers of excellence.

A Royal Warrant has always been regarded as demonstrating a very high standard in personal service, quality, excellence and innovation. Companies can only reach that status through careful and efficient management. There are around only 750 Royal Warrant Holders in the world representing companies from a huge cross section of trade and industry.

Our Group Chairman – Geoffrey Bottom is currently a Member of the Sandringham Royal Warrant Council and Past President of the Sandringham Association of Royal Warrant Holders.


We are proud to be accredited with both the British Standards EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

ISO 9001 ensures our entire manufacturing and distribution processes meet the highest standard and provides assurance that the way we do business is recognised as good practice and continues to be monitored and assessed to continue improvements.

IS0 14001 is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS) and the most widely used EMS in the world. This certification is the endorsement of our environmental practices and procedures and confirms our ongoing commitment to putting the environment at the heart of the business. For full details of our Environmental credentials and achievements and what we are working towards, please click here.


We are strongly supportive of the United Kingdom Lubricant Association, which acts as the voice of the UK lubricants industry. It provides members with advice and information on current, future and pending legislation; monitoring UK Government departments and other agencies about proposed developments and helps lobby for improvements in legislation and regulation.

Our Group Managing Director - Nigel R Bottom is currently a VP of the UKLA Board of Directors and previous UKLA President.


ATIEL is the technical association of the European lubricants industry and has a Code of Practice, which provides guidance for developers and marketers of engine lubricants designed to meet current European performance specifications. As signatories to the ATIEL European Letter of Conformance, Witham Group are committed to the industry’s drive to use lubricants to help reduce CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiencies, as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology requirements and specifications.


We are proud to be members of the VLS (Verification of Lubricant Specifications) which provides a credible and trusted independent means to verify lubricant companies. Being a part of these initiatives brings transparency to the lubricant market place and protects and educates the end user.

Our Group Managing Director - Nigel R Bottom is currently a Board Director of Verification of Lubricant Specifications. Our Technical Director – Michael Kenyon is also currently a member of the VLS - Technical Review Panel


UEIL - The Union of the European Lubricant Industry (UEIL) is the umbrella association of the European Lubricants Industry, representing their members and, in particular, the interests of SMEs and independent lubricant companies. To date, the UEIL represents more than 450 lubricant companies, who manufacture and distribute lubricant products under their own various trademarks throughout the European Union. With members in more than 22 European Countries and a unique collective experience of lubricants and the lubricants market, UEIL is the sole representative body for independent manufacturers of lubricants in Europe and has been recognised as such by the European Commission. It is UEIL’s policy to favour free and fair competition within the scope of prevailing EU and national laws.

Our Group Managing Director - Nigel R Bottom is currently Chairman of the UEIL Technical Committee. The Technical Committee is responsible for monitoring all technical and supply chain developments, which could affect members of UEIL who are involved in the lubricants industry. It actively participates in the meetings of ATIEL and has regular contact with various industry bodies, such as ACEA, ATC, ELGI and the OEMs etc. Committee Meetings are held throughout the year and an annual report is presented to the UEIL General Assembly.


We are members of the BCF, and support the paint industry in its drive to reduce the cost and complexity of regulation, enhance competitiveness, promote the industry and its exports, stimulate sustainable innovation and attract and train the next generation of talent.

Awards & Achievements

From product innovation awards to environmental achievements, from best stands at shows and exhibitions, to industry presentations, from manufacturing accolades to Royal Warrant excellence, we are proud and delighted to be recognised for all our achievements. Here are just some of the awards we have won as a business over the years: