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  1. Acrylic Urethane High Solids Finish Paint
    Acrylic Urethane High Solids Finish Paint
    An extremely popular, high performance paint with exceptional weather, solvent ...[more]
  2. Black Bitumen Solution
    Black Bitumen Solution
    A general purpose waterproofing coating for application to iron, steel, ...[more]
  3. Chlorinated Rubber Paint
    Chlorinated Rubber Paint
    An air drying, single pack system resistant to a wide ...[more]
  4. Quick Dry Gloss Paint
    Quick Dry Gloss Paint
    A very quick drying finish paint, ideal for jobs requiring ...[more]
  5. Supercote Enamel Gloss Paint
    Supercote Enamel Gloss Paint
    An extremely popular single pack synthetic, fast drying, paint ...[more]
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