Free Technical Lubricant Surveys

With increasing fuel and maintenance costs, keeping equipment at peak performance is vital. Oil is to an engine what blood is to the human body. If it’s too thick it can cause the engines oil system to clog (think heart attack); too thin and you risk uncontrolled wear, so, selecting and maintaining the consistency (viscosity) is key. That is why at Witham we are committed to supporting and advising our customers on all aspects of lubricant efficiency and rationalisation, whilst ensuring the OEM specifications are matched. This ensures that the best technical lubricant advice is offered to keep customers costs and lubricant issues at bay.

By having an up to date Lubrication Survey of all your vehicles, we can help you keep track of which oil or grease, anti-freeze or brake fluid is right for which vehicle. Our free, no obligation Lubricant Survey provides you with an easy reference file containing all the recommendations for every type of vehicle in your fleet which you can refer to again and again.

All our products meet the latest and highest OEM approvals and are designed to advance both the performance of the machinery as well as help to reduce emissions, maintenance and wear and tear.


Nigel Bottom, Group Managing Director of Witham, said: “Our Free Lubricant Survey Service signifies our commitment to supporting and advising our customers on all aspects of lubrication, right through from purchase to application and beyond. This genuinely helps with rationalising products and storage and therefore helping crucially save money and maintenance time.”

To arrange a free survey please contact your local depot here.