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OUr Advanced Commercial High Performance Engine Lubricants Help Reduce CO2 Emissions and Improve Fuel Economy

Our range of high quality and reliable commercial engine oils help maximise performance with unrivalled protection, reduce Co2 emissions and improve fuel economy. Our technical support, free bulk storage tanks, next day delivery and environmental credentials, ensure the best lubricant partnership for your business.

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  1. Qualube Series 1 HD SAE30
    Qualube Series 1 HD SAE30
    From £6.78 £5.65
    Highly refined base oil with zero detergent/disper... [more]
  2. Qualube Series 1 HD SAE40
    Qualube Series 1 HD SAE40
    From £6.78 £5.65
    Qualube Series 1 HD 10W-40is a mono-grade lubrican... [more]
  3. Qualube Masterfleet HD FS 10W-40
    Qualube Masterfleet HD FS 10W-40
    From £6.59 £5.49
    Qualube Masterfleet HD FS 10W-40 is a fully synthe... [more]
  4. Qualube Supremol FS 5W-30
    Qualube Supremol FS 5W-30
    From £9.17 £7.64
    A Full Synthetic - Ultra High Performance Diesel E... [more]
  5. Qualube Supremol FS 10W-40
    Qualube Supremol FS 10W-40
    From £9.29 £7.74
    Qualube Supremol 10W-40 - A Full Synthetic - Ultra... [more]
  6. Qualube Eurofleet 10
    Qualube Eurofleet 10
    From £7.16 £5.97
    Qualube Eurofleet 10 is a fluid designed for use i... [more]
  7. Qualube Eurofleet 20
    Qualube Eurofleet 20
    From £7.16 £5.97
    Qualube Eurofleet 20 is a fluid designed for use i... [more]
  8. Qualube Eurofleet 30
    Qualube Eurofleet 30
    From £7.16 £5.97
    Qualube Eurofleet 30 is a fluid designed for use i... [more]
  9. Qualube Eurofleet 40
    Qualube Eurofleet 40
    From £7.16 £5.97
    Qualube Eurofleet 40 is a fluid designed for use i... [more]
  10. Qualube Eurofleet 50
    Qualube Eurofleet 50
    From £6.85 £5.71
    Qualube Eurofleet 50 is a fluid designed for use i... [more]
  11. Qualube Eurofleet 15W-40
    Qualube Eurofleet 15W-40
    From £7.07 £5.89
    Qualube Eurofleet 15W-40 has been developed to mee... [more]
  12. Qualube Eurofleet 20W-50
    Qualube Eurofleet 20W-50
    From £7.61 £6.34
    Qualube Eurofleet 20W/50 is suitable for use in hi... [more]
  13. Qualube Extremol 15W-40
    Qualube Extremol 15W-40
    From £7.48 £6.23
    This high performance, heavy duty diesel engine oi... [more]
  14. Qualube Extremol FS 10W-30
    Qualube Extremol FS 10W-30
    From £8.21 £6.84
    This is a fully synthetic, high performance, heavy... [more]
  15. Qualube Extremol FS 10W-40
    Qualube Extremol FS 10W-40
    From £8.21 £6.84
    Qualube Extremol 10W-40 is a fully synthetic heavy... [more]
  16. Qualube Extendol FS 5W-30
    Qualube Extendol FS 5W-30
    From £70.39 £58.66
    Qualube Extendol FS 5W-30 is a fully synthetic hea... [more]
  17. Qualube Extendol FS 10W-40
    Qualube Extendol FS 10W-40
    From £28.97 £24.14
    Qualube Extendol FS 10W-40 - This product meets th... [more]
  18. Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-30
    Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-30
    From £10.56 £8.80
    Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-30 is a severe-duty, Semi... [more]
  19. Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-40
    Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-40
    From £10.56 £8.80
    Qualube Endurasyn SS 10W-40 is a Semi-Synthetic ba... [more]
  20. Qualube Endurol 15W-40
    Qualube Endurol 15W-40
    From £7.78 £6.48
    Qualube Endurol 15W-40 is a high quality mineral b... [more]
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