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  1. Koverflor Polyurethane Floor Paint - Type F

    Single Pack

    Koverflor Type F is an outstanding polyurethane based, quick drying, single pack floor paint. It gives a tough abrasion resistance finish and can be applied to clean, dry mature concrete, brickwork, quarry tiles, stone, wood and linoleum.

    This oil and petrol resisting paint prevents cement based floors from ‘dusting up’ and comes highly recommend for many businesses. It’s especially used in garage workshops, showrooms, offices, corridors and high volume pedestrian traffic areas that are subject to hard wear.

    • Based on lead free pigments better for the environment and applicator
    • Can be applied to concrete, brickwork, blasted steel and wood
    • Formulated to give a highly durable

    TDS 462
    • Brush
    • Roller

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