Rust is one of the most damaging things that can happen to our vehicles, equipment and machinery. It causes metal to decay, becoming flaky, weak and brittle, causing it to break under the pressure of operation. This can results in costly machinery failures and a safety risk to users.
Repairs due to rust and replacement components can be expensive. In some cases, rusty equipment may be entirely unusable, meaning costly new machinery has to be bought. Help is at hand though and prevention is definitely better than cure. Here at Witham Group, we stock a number of quality rust prevention options to stop it occurring on a variety of applications.

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  1. Qualube Chain Oil
    Qualube Chain Oil
    From £8.21 £6.84
    Qualube Chain Oil is a high quality lubricant containing a ...[more]
  2. Qualube Clear Chain Spray
    Qualube Clear Chain Spray
    From £16.20 £13.50
    Qualube Clear Chain Spray Lubricant is a specially formulated oil ...[more]
  3. Qualube Enviroyl Biodegradable Chain Oil
    Qualube Enviroyl Biodegradable Chain Oil
    From £9.08 £7.57
    This environmentally friendly chain oil has special tacky properties and ...[more]
  4. Qualube Graphite Penetrating Oil
    Qualube Graphite Penetrating Oil
    From £8.80 £7.33
    Graphite Penetrating Oil has been specifically designed for the most ...[more]
  5. Qualube Multi-Ease Aerosols
    Qualube Multi-Ease Aerosols
    From £10.76 £8.97
    A multi-purpose clear lubricant in aerosol cans which is great ...[more]
  6. Qualube Rustarest
    Qualube Rustarest
    From £11.40 £9.50
    Qualube Rustarest is a solvent water displacing corrosion inhibitor. ...[more]
  7. Qualube Water Displacement Fluid
    Qualube Water Displacement Fluid
    From £8.78 £7.32
    This product is designed to remove and displace water on ...[more]
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