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Specialist Oils

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  1. Qualube Concrete Mould Oil
    Qualube Concrete Mould Oil
    From £19.28 £16.07
    Concrete Mould Oil is a water in oil release agent ...[more]
  2. Qualube Milking Machine Oil
    Qualube Milking Machine Oil
    From £8.14 £6.78
    Specifically designed for vacuum pumps this ISO 68 viscosity grade ...[more]
  3. Qualube Steam Cylinder Oil
    Qualube Steam Cylinder Oil
    From £10.52 £8.77
    Refined to give high film strength at very high temperatures, ...[more]
  4. Qualube Transformer Oil
    Qualube Transformer Oil
    From £10.78 £8.98
    Qualube Transformer Oil is an electrical insulating oil designed to ...[more]
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