In recent years there has been a global move towards more environmentally safe and sustainable products and people are increasingly demanding more environmental alternative lubricants and greases. Prolan lubricants are truly remarkable long lasting, non-toxic and water safe products,which give outstanding lubricating results, reduce wear and save time and money on the usual multiple re-applications.

The Prolan range is non carcinogenic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. It has excellent rust protection properties and completely frees up rusted and stuck parts.

Prolan works on almost any surface including metal, rubber, steel, vehicles, vinyl and painted areas. Each of the 5 viscosity grades offer specialist benefits which include staying on in harsh conditions, lifting rust scale, resisting acids and alkalis,  removing dirt and grime and of course eliminating squeaks!

Prolan’s unique lanolin-based formula contains linseed and offers outstanding natural moisture repellent qualities so is also great as a wood preserver preventing outdoor rot and greening. Safe for marine environments, waterways, forestry areas, agriculture and food production plants, it is internationally certified by NSF. Prolan is also non-conductive, so it can be used for electrical wiring and connections such as engine batteries.

Prolan is an ideal lubricant range with unlimited use for any business that helps significantly in the ongoing fight against corrosion, and reducing wear and tear. It is easy to apply and can increase machinery and equipment life and yet is the safer, greener and cleaner way to apply lubrication that will not leave any nasties for the user or the environment.

This new ultimate lubricant range comes in a handy spray, liquid or thick anti-seize grease depending on which of the five different viscosities you need for the job in hand. As more people and companies address the use of chemicals in their supply chain, and want to improve their sustainability credentials, this unbeatable high quality lubricant is the new popular choice for industry, business, workshops or home.

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  1. Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    Prolan Anti-Seize Grease
    From £16.43 £13.69
    An incredibly long-lasting multi-purpose grease, ideal for all rust protection ...[more]
  2. Prolan EXTREME Grade Lubricant
    Prolan EXTREME Grade Lubricant
    From £16.49 £13.74
    This is an outstanding, long-lasting multi-purpose extreme grade liquid lubricant, ...[more]
  3. Prolan HEAVY Grade Lubricant
    Prolan HEAVY Grade Lubricant
    From £12.07 £10.06
    An incredibly long-lasting all round, heavy grade liquid lubricant, ideal ...[more]
  4. Prolan LIGHT Grade Lubricant
    Prolan LIGHT Grade Lubricant
    From £19.68 £16.40
    A highly effective, multi-purpose light grade liquid lubricant, safe to ...[more]
  5. Prolan MEDIUM Grade Lubricant
    Prolan MEDIUM Grade Lubricant
    From £11.59 £9.66
    An unbelievably reliable all round, medium grade liquid lubricant, ideal ...[more]
  6. Prolan Specific Degreaser
    Prolan Specific Degreaser
    From £9.10 £7.58
    This is both a cleaner and degreaser, formulated using citrus-based ...[more]
  7. Witham Biodegradable Gun Oil
    Witham Biodegradable Gun Oil
    From £12.79 £10.66
    Witham Prolan Biodegradable Gun Oil is made with lanolin oil, ...[more]
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