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The Easy and sustainable Oil Storage Solution...

Bulk Storage Tanks

The Witham Group has been developing and manufacturing commercial paints and lubricants for 100 years and has an excellent reputation for quality products, reliable service and a wealth of experience.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers with all their lubricants and paint requirements. That doesn’t just mean getting the right oil, we work together to achieve better efficiencies, improve the appearance of all your machinery and equipment, and advise you on the best oil storage solutions.

As part of our service, we can supply a range of specialist bulk storage tanks for workshops and outbuildings. We can help advise on the best way to install the tanks - which for standard sizes are free of charge! (Subject to a technical lubrication survey). Your lubricants are filled up in the colour coded tanks as required, and the tanks have sight gauges, taps or pumps and come labelled with the different product names and their application.

Simple, clean and easy to use, these tanks help keep your working space ship-shape, avoid spills from containers, helps avoid important oil contamination and helps the environment by using less packaging. They also provide important health & safety requirements for lubricant storage.


The Benefits of using our Bulk Storage Tanks are:

Keeps workshops clean and tidy
Helps the environment by using less container packaging
Creates more space in workshops and garages
Easy to distinguish different lubricants for various uses
Helps avoid oil spills and contamination
Long lasting storage solution - with good maintenance these will last up to 50 years.

If you have any questions about the storage of your oil or would like to talk to someone about installing Bulk Storage Tanks then please call your local depot and we will be happy to help.