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All of us need products in the home, in the garden or at work that help remove dirt, prevent rust, keep parts lubricated or keep our vehicles and machinery running on top form. For many years, we have supplied a huge array of professional and domestic workshop and cleaning products. From hand cleaners to screen wash, floor cleaners to traffic film removers. We sell lots of handy products to help keep your equipment working properly and to help you do your job more easily. We provide boxes of hand sanitiser, face coverings, jugs, funnels, spillage kits, disinfectant, anti-freeze and coolants and so much more! All products can be added to your trade account orders or purchased online.

Please click here to see the full range of workshop and cleaning products or browse our estate collection below:

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  1. Witham TFR Cleaner
    Witham TFR Cleaner
    From £37.87 £31.56
    Our General Purpose TFR is used in power wash spra... [more]
  2. Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    From £61.13 £50.94
    Our Gold top quality TFR not only cleans off dirt... [more]
  3. All Seasons Screenwash
    All Seasons Screenwash
    From £7.15 £5.96
    Our excellent All Seasons Screenwash is a concentr... [more]
  4. QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    From £10.16 £8.47
    QualKleen heavy-duty hand cleaner contains natural... [more]
  5. QualCare Hand Cleaner
    QualCare Hand Cleaner
    From £9.07 £7.56
    QualCare Is A High Quality, White Pearlised Hand S... [more]
  6. Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    From £75.02 £62.52
    Witham’s Hand Sanitiser is a popular choice for... [more]
  7. Witham Biodegradable Universal Floor Cleaner
    Witham Biodegradable Universal Floor Cleaner
    £136.43 £113.69
    A heavy-duty, fast-acting, biodegradable liquid fl... [more]
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