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Factory Visits and Tours

Learn About the World of Lubricants

If you like vehicles, machinery, engineering or engines, then finding out about how lubricants are made is what we do best. We are delighted to welcome visitors throughout the year to our Lincoln HQ and manufacturing factory. From car clubs, young farmers, engineers, college students, apprentices, mechanics, classic and vintage car owners, to farming groups as well as distributors or just interested customers, visitors get lubricants explained, a history of the Witham Group and all the industries and sectors we work in as well as technical Q&A sessions, bespoke to the audience.

Along with some fun and good old fashioned Witham hospitality, we explain all about how lubricants are made, show how we take raw materials and blend with unique processes and additives to create all the different “recipes” that result in the wide variety of lubricants you can buy off the shelf. The importance of using the right oil for the right application and what can go wrong if you don’t.

We are also happy to come out and present to your audience at your own venue, often giving evening talks to clubs and societies throughout the UK.

If you would like to book your club, business or college or other association in for a Witham Factory Talk and Tour or presentation – please click here and get in touch.