Our Vehicles & Transport

Monitoring the amount of CO2 our lorries produce out on the road delivering our products is an integral part of our business. We now study the mileage and output of each lorry and we aim to continually improve our carbon impact.

Using our Transportation Dashboard, we can measure the carbon produced, the mileage and fuel use of all our delivery fleet of lorries, based on the vehicle’s age, type etc. We also review how many deliveries are achieved on what route and this way we can use the best vehicles for the right journeys, with the aim of achieving the maximum fuel economy and reduction in wear and tear of the vehicles themselves.

So, as an ongoing part of our Group’s strategy to reduce as much as possible our environmental impact, together with a desire to be able to share any genuine savings using fuel efficient lubricants based on our own fleet with customers, our HGV fleet has moved over to fuel efficient lubricants.

We have switched the lorries from Qualube Supremol 10W-40 to Qualube Supremol 5W-30. The technicalities are the same, but the viscometrics are making the difference i.e less drag, less energy needed and therefore the vehicle uses less fuel. Still fully approved by Mercedes Benz, but sold by us and now used by us as a fuel efficient alternative.

Several of our company cars are also now electric or of hybrid description. We have installed charging points at each depot for our own employees and customers to encourage the switch and convenient use of electric based transport.

Proud Of Our Environmental Credentials

Witham Group are proud to have been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which sets out the requirements for an approved environmental management system that we operate within our business and we continue to work hard every year improving things further with our environmental objectives.

To find out more about all that we are doing to help the environment please click here or download our Environmental & Sustainability Policy