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Our Environmental Ethos

Despite the huge range of products being manufactured and supplied by us, our aim is always to operate within a climate of excellence, not only in terms of service and procedures for customers, but also for systems of product manufacture, the welfare, health and safety of all of our employees and those people affected by our activities. We aim to operate with Corporate care and social responsibility.

In an industry where traditionally additives, chemicals and fossil-based products are essential to the manufacturing process, we have challenged ourselves to ensure, wherever possible, the environment is at the heart of our activities. We are working extremely hard to create a “greener culture” within our business. Included in this policy is a summary of what we have achieved and are continuing to improve on throughout the Group.

In order to achieve this, the business recognises that promoting Sustainability and protection of the Environment and the avoidance of pollution, is of the utmost importance, not only for the here and now but for the future of everyone. At all levels, and within all functions of the Group, we are committed to continual improvement of our management systems and enhancement of our environmental performance.

We are determined to ensure that wherever practically possible, our activities including purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, waste generation and disposal, will minimise the effect on the Environment and prevent pollution.

On the agenda at Board level and throughout the business, we strive to continually improve all areas of our activities and the impact we have on the environment. We will always comply with relevant environmental legislation and industry codes of practice as well as any other compliance obligations, as a minimum level of performance.

Aims & Objectives

Our aim is always to operate within a climate of excellence. That means not only the best performing products and service but also our methods of manufacturing, energy use, waste disposal, packaging, fuel efficiency and welfare of those affected by our activities are being constantly monitored. As part of our commitment to put the environment at the heart of what we do, we have developed an award winning range of Environmentally sensitive products, all designed to help reduce lubricant impact. We are also investing in unique, award winning technology to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

These are our Objectives for 2022

  • To eliminate paper as much as possible in all our internal processes using hand-held digital devices, only sending one delivery note copy & more efficient label printing.
  • Further invest in energy auditing equipment once new offices are complete in an effort to move further towards a totally carbon neutral site.
  • Move our grease range to a non-Lithium based alternative to both free up this resource for electrification as well as reduce the overall carbon footprint of the grease production.
  • Move office heating over to more efficient air conditioning units.
  • Promote via marketing and sales strategy the use of lanolin based, non toxic and environmentally sensitive lubricants as alternative to conventional products.
  • Promote the invention of carbon neutral blending process to the lubricant industry.

Sustainability is one of our main Core Values

Everything we do is underpinned by the five principles of our business or Core Values - we call these values THE WITHAM WAY. In practice, each Core Value relates to how we operate. Our Core Values are at the heart of our family business and how we treat the people we have within our team, customers, supply chain and all those around us.

These values are not just good business practice, they are the cornerstones of pride on which our business has been built and grown on over the past 100 years. They will be the bedrock of what we continue to do long into the future. Sustainability and the environment is very much at the heart of our business.

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Witham Group - The Sustainable Choice For You And Your Business

In recent years there has been a global move and increased desire for people and their businesses to choose more environmentally sustainable products, use less toxic ingredients, ensure sustainable supply chains and find ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

Traditionally in the lubricant industry, additives, chemicals and fossil-based energy have been essential to the manufacturing process. However, several years ago Witham Group challenged ourselves to review these practices and lead industry change in placing the environment at the heart of all our products and processes.

We are proud to have created a “greener culture” within our business. This means not only the best performing environmental products and services, but also our methods of manufacturing, energy use, waste disposal, packaging, fuel efficiency, storage solutions and welfare of those affected by our activities, have all been changed and are constantly monitored.

As a reputable supplier, this means that Witham Group is making real differences to customer supply chains, by offering a unique package of sustainable credentials. In turn, businesses are able to more easily reach their own sustainability and environmental goals.

The Benefits of Using Witham Group:

  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Improve your supply chain standards
  • Help reduce CO  emissions
  • Improve vehicle fuel economy
  • Ensure safer, cleaner products for your users and the environment

What Witham Group can offer you...

1. Unique Carbon Neutral Blended Lubricants

Witham Group have developed a unique blending system using ultrasound, which is proven to drastically reduce the energy (fossil fuel) used within the lubricant manufacture process. Many other UK and Global lubricant manufacturing companies are simply choosing to carry on with out of date blending practices and cynically use ‘Carbon dumps or sinks’ to meet their objectives. Our ground-breaking technology is a global first and is proven to blend lubricants in a carbon neutral process. This is saving huge amounts of energy, time, and carbon usage in the first instance and is helping to radically improve the lubricant industry as a whole. Customers of Witham Group can promote thefact that they use carbon neutral blended lubricants in their own sustainability statements.

2. Outstanding Environmentally Sensitive Products

The demand for safer products has led to a huge increase in the development of environmentally sensitive and biodegradable based lubricants that give higher performance compared to traditional mineral based counterparts.

Witham have developed a growing range of award winning, high performance and environmentally sensitive products: BIOLUBE, PROLAN & ENVIROYL are all designed to help reduce environmental impact, as well as helping reduce engine emissions and improve fuel economy. Further exciting developments include the launch of a new full range of non-lithium-based greases.

All products are ideal for the natural countryside, food production, waterways, forestry, and farmland, our specific range includes coolants, chain oils, hydraulic oils, two stroke, wire rope lubricant and other general multi-purpose products. Many industries such as agriculture, marine, horticulture, plant / off highway, and renewable energy companies, are already experiencing the benefits of this change. We also offer a range of low-toxic paints and coatings which are ideal for your business and home.

3. Low Impact Packaging

Our plastic lubricant containers are now made from a minimum of 30% recycled materials. This is another significant achievement. We also have a recycling scheme for all our 200 litre metal barrels. Other examples of how we have adopted a ‘greener’ approach for packaging, include: using reconditioned pallets, bulk storage containers and constantly measuring the amount of packaging used within our business by using our specialised packaging waste dashboard.

4. Unique Safe And Clean Oil Storage Solutions

Lubricants needs to be kept safe and stored correctly, not only because it is the law, but also because it provides a safer working condition. As part of our service, we supply a range of specialist bulk storage tanks for workshops. Your lubricants are filled up in the colour coded tanks as required, and the tanks have sight gauges, taps or pumps and come labelled with the different product names and their application. Simple, clean, and easy to use, these tanks help keep your working space tidy, safe and they avoid spills from containers. They can avoid oil contamination and improve the environment by using less packaging. They finally provide important health & safety requirements for lubricant storage and with good maintenance the tanks will last for up to 50+ years.

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Proud Of Our Environmental Credentials

Witham Group are proud to have been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which sets out the requirements for an approved environmental management system that we operate within our business and we continue to work hard every year improving things further with our environmental objectives.

To find out more about all that we are doing to help the environment please click here or download our Environmental & Sustainability Policy