Gun Barrel & Choke Cleaner

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Designed to deliver unparalleled cleaning ability. An ultra-effective, blend of selected purging solvents which are highly effective for removing gun powder, lead, other metals, and plastic wad from cartridge residues. The cleaner removes such items from exposed and internal metal surfaces and displaces non-visible moisture from metal pores. Due to its unique solvent ratio & propellant mix, it is a quick, super-efficient and easy to use product which penetrates rapidly and flows freely, cleaning dirt and grime from the fine mist aerosol. This Gun Barrel & Choke cleaner is also specifically designed to dry slower to ensure it removes even the most stubborn deposits. Specifically designed to be used prior to applying Witham Gun Oil. Comes in a handy sized 200ml, easy to apply aerosol. Always refer to the manufacturers instructions before using any lubricant or maintenance product on your gun.
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