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Motorsport Products

We're proud to support the motorsport industry with unrivalled lubricant expertise and quality products including lubricants, coolants, rust prevention and cleaning products.  We also provide lots of handy workshop products, including, jugs, funnels, spillage kits and much more.

Uniquely, we also supply a wide range of quality paints and coatings for garages, workshops, race tracks, line marking and safety identification areas, gates, fences, and outbuildings as well as for trailers, boats, and the home - to help keep all of your assets in top condition.

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  1. 20kg Cleaning Rags
    20kg Cleaning Rags
    From £29.75 £24.79
    These high quality cotton rags are excellent for g... [more]
  2. All Seasons Screenwash
    All Seasons Screenwash
    From £7.15 £5.96
    Our excellent All Seasons Screenwash is a concentr... [more]
  3. Blue 2 Ply Centre Feed Roll 6 Pack
    Blue 2 Ply Centre Feed Roll 6 Pack
    From £22.74 £18.95
    Blue 2 Ply centrefeed roll is a superior paper pro... [more]
  4. Citrusol Fast Acting Cleaner
    Citrusol Fast Acting Cleaner
    From £28.60 £23.83
    A fast acting, concentrated, citrus-based cleaner... [more]
  5. Hand Cleaner Dispenser
    Hand Cleaner Dispenser
    From £4.90 £4.08
    Keep your washrooms clean and tidy with our wall... [more]
  6. Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    Hand Sanitiser (Box of 12)
    From £75.02 £62.52
    Witham’s Hand Sanitiser is a popular choice for... [more]
  7. QualCare Hand Cleaner
    QualCare Hand Cleaner
    From £9.07 £7.56
    QualCare Is A High Quality, White Pearlised Hand S... [more]
  8. QualCare Hand Cleaner Soap Bottle
    QualCare Hand Cleaner Soap Bottle
    From £9.90 £8.25
    Help keep your washrooms tidy with our handy 1Ltr... [more]
  9. Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant
    Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant
    From £5.21 £4.34
    Qualguard ORATEC 50/50 Coolant is a monoethylene g... [more]
  10. Qualguard ORATEC Concentrated Coolant
    Qualguard ORATEC Concentrated Coolant
    From £4.74 £3.95
    Qualguard ORATEC Coolant is a monoethylene glycol... [more]
    From £193.03 £160.86
    This biodegradable Antifreeze and Coolant is the... [more]
  12. Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant
    Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant
    From £5.03 £4.19
    Qualube Qualguard VCS-2 Coolant is a engine coolan... [more]
  13. QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    QualKleen Hand Cleaner
    From £10.16 £8.47
    QualKleen heavy-duty hand cleaner contains natural... [more]
  14. Qualube Absorbant Granules
    Qualube Absorbant Granules
    From £10.25 £8.54
    Multi-purpose soft clay absorbent granules which i... [more]
  15. Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze
    Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze
    From £4.50 £3.75
    Qualube Blue Anti-Freeze is a general purpose anti... [more]
  16. Qualube Graphite Penetrating Oil
    Qualube Graphite Penetrating Oil
    From £8.80 £7.33
    Graphite Penetrating Oil has been specifically des... [more]
  17. Qualube Multi-Ease Aerosols
    Qualube Multi-Ease Aerosols
    From £10.76 £8.97
    A multi-purpose clear lubricant in aerosol cans wh... [more]
  18. Qualube Paper Roll Wipes
    Qualube Paper Roll Wipes
    From £45.92 £38.27
    Paper Roll Wipes are a commercial size product inc... [more]
  19. Qualube Qualguard HD5X Coolant
    Qualube Qualguard HD5X Coolant
    From £73.10 £60.92
    Qualguard HD 5X Coolant is a blue/green ethylene g... [more]
  20. Qualube Qualsyn PCMO SS Special Racing Oil 10W-50
    Qualube Qualsyn PCMO SS Special Racing Oil 10W-50
    From £13.10 £10.92
    Qualube Qualsyn PCMO SS Special Racing Oil 10W-5... [more]
  21. Qualube Rustarest
    Qualube Rustarest
    From £8.57 £7.14
    Qualube Rustarest is a solvent water displacing co... [more]
  22. Qualube Solvent Degreaser
    Qualube Solvent Degreaser
    From £8.23 £6.86
    Qualube degreaser is a solvent cleaner fluid that... [more]
  23. Qualube Water Displacement Fluid
    Qualube Water Displacement Fluid
    From £9.25 £7.71
    This product is designed to remove and displace wa... [more]
  24. Witham Biodegradable Universal Floor Cleaner
    Witham Biodegradable Universal Floor Cleaner
    £146.11 £121.76
    A heavy-duty, fast-acting, biodegradable liquid fl... [more]
  25. Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    Witham Gold TFR Cleaner
    From £71.57 £59.64
    Our Gold top quality TFR not only cleans off dirt... [more]
  26. Witham Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes
    Witham Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes
    From £8.16 £6.80
    These Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes are formed with a mil... [more]
  27. Witham Heavy Duty Textured Wipes
    Witham Heavy Duty Textured Wipes
    From £7.20 £6.00
    These Heavy Duty Textured Wipes are made from a du... [more]
  28. Witham High Active Detergent
    Witham High Active Detergent
    From £14.95 £12.46
    This soap based water soluble detergent is suitabl... [more]
  29. Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    From £7.76 £6.47
    Our Pale Pine Disinfectant provides a safe, powerf... [more]
  30. Witham Snood Face Covering
    Witham Snood Face Covering
    From £4.80 £4.00
    UK Covid-19 compliant, re-usable, professional Wit... [more]
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