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Motorsport Products

We're proud to support the motorsport industry with unrivalled lubricant expertise and quality products including lubricants, coolants, rust prevention and cleaning products.  We also provide lots of handy workshop products, including, jugs, funnels, spillage kits and much more.

Uniquely, we also supply a wide range of quality paints and coatings for garages, workshops, race tracks, line marking and safety identification areas, gates, fences, and outbuildings as well as for trailers, boats, and the home - to help keep all of your assets in top condition.

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  1. Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    Witham Pale Pine Disinfectant
    From £7.76 £6.47
    Our Pale Pine Disinfectant provides a safe, powerf... [more]
  2. Witham Snood Face Covering
    Witham Snood Face Covering
    From £4.80 £4.00
    UK Covid-19 compliant, re-usable, professional Wit... [more]
  3. Witham TFR Cleaner
    Witham TFR Cleaner
    From £40.57 £33.81
    Our General Purpose TFR is used in power wash spra... [more]
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