Qualube Qualguard Premium BIO MPG Coolant - Non-Automotive

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This biodegradable Antifreeze and Coolant is the “Green Alternative to Traditional Antifreeze.” Unlike traditional engine coolants that are based on glycol, a material derived from fossil fuels, this product is based on glycerine, a natural material that is derived from a renewable bio resource. Qualguard Premium MPG Coolant is a low toxicity coolant concentrate (antifreeze) based on propylene glycol, is readily biodegradable to a biodegradation of 99.0% (OECD 301E). and is specifically suited for caravans (static & mobile), marine boats, and environmentally sensitive winterisation storage, plus other non-automotive applications, giving protection against excess freezing conditions, elimination of deposit problems caused by use of hard water and improved anti-corrosion protection of all metals and alloys used in the system, especially the aluminium. With excellent anti-foaming characteristics, this product is free from nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates and contains no other mineral additives.
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