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Some of our paint accessory products, including this range, aren’t available to buy online. Please contact us or call your local depot and we’ll be happy to offer advice and arrange a quick delivery for you. Please see below for our complete Thinners range...

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  1. 2 Pack Epoxy Thinners
    2 Pack Epoxy Thinners
    Our professional Epoxy Thinners are ideal for thin... [more]
  2. 2 Pack Polyurethane Thinners
    2 Pack Polyurethane Thinners
    Our professional polyurethanes thinners are ideal... [more]
  3. Gunwash Thinners
    Gunwash Thinners
    Designed for general cleaning purposes such as cle... [more]
  4. Isocyanate Free Thinners
    Isocyanate Free Thinners
    Our Isocyanate Free Thinners work perfectly with o... [more]
  5. Metal Degreaser / Thinners
    Metal Degreaser / Thinners
    A powerful cleaner and degreaser to help remove oi... [more]
  6. Single & Twin Pack Etch Thinners
    Single & Twin Pack Etch Thinners
    Our professional Etch Thinners can be used to thin... [more]
  7. Slow Drying Thinners
    Slow Drying Thinners
    Our Slow Drying Thinners has been formulated to sl... [more]
  8. Supercote Thinners
    Supercote Thinners
    Our Supercote Thinners are perfect to thin our Sup... [more]
  9. White Spirit Based Thinners
    White Spirit Based Thinners
    Our professional White Spirit Based Thinner can be... [more]
  10. Xylene Based Thinners
    Xylene Based Thinners
    Our professional Xylene Based Thinners can be used... [more]
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