Mini Land Rover shines in Supercote!

Our customer Perma-Grit Tools in Lincolnshire has built this fantastic scale model of a Land Rover and trailer Bailey Trailers out of wood and then painted it in our Woco Supercote Undercoat Primer and Woco Supercote Gloss paint in Land Rover green.

The Mini Land Rover chassis made from wood
The finished model Land Rover painted in Woco Supercote Gloss paint
The finished mini Land Rover and trailer in action!

The finished Land Rover model is fully functioning and the paint has created a wonderfully glossy finish.

Woco Supercote Enamel Gloss Paint is a synthetic, fast drying, paint which exhibits a high gloss finish and offers excellent durability. This product has a wide range of uses but is particularly suitable for vehicle refinishing and industrial applications. Available in an extensive range of OEM, RAL, BS4800 and BS381c colours.  It can be applied with a brush, roller, aerosol or spray gun. (TDS 370)

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Woco Supercote Enamel Gloss Industrial/Machinery Paint colour chart