Industrial and Machinery Paints

A range of topcoats for metal and machinery for use over our wide range of primers and undercoats that provide the ultimate finish and protection as well as appearance. Our range includes quick drying options as well as twin pack finishes all tested for reliability and performance.

Single Pack

Supercote Enamel Gloss Paint
A synthetic, fast drying, paint which exhibits a high gloss finish and offers excellent durability. This product has a wide range of uses but is particularly suitable for vehicle refinishing and industrial applications. Available in an extensive range of OEM, RAL, BS4800 and BS381c colours.
TDS 370

Quick Dry Gloss Paint
A very quick drying finish paint, ideal for jobs requiring a fast turnaround. This product is great for plant, haulage and agricultural machinery where “down time” for maintenance needs to be kept to a minimum. Available in an extensive range of OEM, RAL, BS4800 and BS381c colours.
TDS 227

Quick Drying Polyurethane Gloss Paint
This fast drying gloss offers excellent adherence and toughness, yet leaves a high level gloss finish. Resistant to oil and petrol, this is ideal for machinery and vehicle use. Available in an extensive range of OEM, RAL, BS4800 and BS381c colours.
TDS 599

Black Bitumen Solution
A general purpose waterproofing coating for application to iron, steel, weathered galvanise and concrete. Turns matt on prolonged exposure to UV light.
TDS 122

Metal Preservative Paint
A highly protective coating which is excellent for farm buildings, storage tanks and workshop facings. Available in an extensive range of OEM, RAL, BS4800 and BS381c colours.
TDS 360

Zinc Phosphate Quick Drying HB Semi-Gloss Paint
This high performance coating is designed to dry under normal conditions
within forty minutes to provide a tough, durable and semi-gloss coating.
It can be applied to both primed and unprimed surfaces as well as cleaned and degreased steel. For optimum durability primed steel is recommended.
TDS 443

Twin Pack

Isocyanate Free Gloss Paint
This two part product has extremely high levels of gloss and toughness and offers exceptional weather resistance. Less harmful to the environment the paint is designed to be oven baked for best results for OEM use and many other shot blasted metal surfaces. It provides excellent longevity of finish.
TDS 443

Polyurethane Enamel Gloss Paint
This two part product is designed where a high gloss and high chemical resistance is required, such as lorry cabs, vans and other industrial equipment. It offers exceptional weather resistance and can be applied by either brush or roller.
TDS 451

Chlorinated & Acrylated Rubber Coatings

Chlorinated Rubber Paint
An air drying, single pack system resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, oxidising agents, inorganic salts, moist gases, sewage and mineral oil. It is ideally suited for application to brickwork, slate roofs, steel, chemical storage tanks, bridges, marine equipment, swimming pool surrounding walls, floors and ceilings, sewage tanks etc. Ideal for veterinary clinics, milking parlours, stables, kennels and catteries and can be used in ornamental ponds and pond features.
TDS 480 

Acrylated Rubber Paint
A fast drying, single pack finish, which has mild resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Suitable for use in damp or moist environments, is ideally suited for application to pool halls on moisture resistant surfaces. Recommended for a huge variety of commercial and industry uses including marine environments and boats. BS4800 & RAL colours. Only available in batches of 300 litres or more.
TDS 299 Standard
TDS 297 High Build
Application 297/299: 
Application 298/300: 

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