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Lubricant Fundamentals

Engine oil is the lifeblood of an internal combustion engine, without a good supply of quality oil an engine will destroy itself in seconds


Lubricant Surveys

Free Personal Lubricant Surveys

Fed up with keeping track of which suitable oil goes in which machine or vehicle? Our free personal lubricant survey will help assess and sort out everything for you and provide your business with an individual and bespoke easy reference for fleets of vehicles and equipment and machinery no matter how big or small. This no obligation service ensures that the best technical lubrication advice is offered and recommendations for greases and engine oils, hydraulic oil, brake fluids, anti-freeze and much more are recorded and kept in one easy folder for you to refer to again and again.

Lubricant Surveys

Nigel Bottom, Group Managing Director of Witham, said: “Our Lubricant Minder Service is a stamp that signifies our commitment to supporting and advising our customers on all aspects of lubrication, right through from purchase to application and beyond. This genuinely helps with rationalising products and storage and therefore helping crucially save money and maintenance time.”