Our Paints and Coatings

For over 95 years now we have manufactured and distributed our own range of paints and coatings throughout the UK and to a huge range of customers and applications. Understanding how important it is to get quality paints and products that can be relied on, delivered on time and give the right finish is what we do best.

Woco Trade Paint
Witham’s Woco Trade is our premium quality professional paint brand and is widely used by contractors, manufacturers, agricultural suppliers, decorators and builders. It is specified for use in domestic and commercial environments for customers looking for quality, colour choice and market leading advice and service. We offer a complete range of up to date products of proven premium quality for every decorating situation or maintenance requirements such as floor paints and wood coatings. Our range of durable quality paints and coatings are thoroughly developed products, made from high quality raw materials and are continually tested to give customers the ultimate reliability on every application.

Application Methods 

All our products are individually designed for use on different surfaces and different applications and can be applied using a range of methods including, brush, roller, conventional and airless spray applications.

All the paints and coatings are listed with the appropriate application.

Leading Brands
We appreciate the importance of choice to a customer and also using the right product for the right job. That is why we can also supply paints and coatings from a variety of market leading manufacturers such as:

Preparation is Key
As every professional knows, “preparation is key” when it comes to achieving the best paint finish. We provide everything you need for the preparation and cleaning of surfaces as well as a wide choice of application equipment such as professional use brushes, rollers and sprayers.

In addition we offer a range of protective workwear, thinners
and aftercare products for all types of requirements.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
Listed below every paint product is its Technical Data Sheet number for easy reference. TDS Sheet is a document that summarises the performance and other technical characteristics of a product as well as a full description.

Our TDS sheets provide vital information such as drying times, covering capacity, which substrates are suitable for application as well as the product’s properties and other crucial technical information as well as the benefits of the product. If you would like any TDS sheets sending simply contact us for further assistance.

We also provide fully compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with every purchase. SDS are key documents in the safe supply, handling and use of chemicals. They should help to ensure that those who use chemicals in the workplace do so safely with no risk of harm to users or the environment.
Powder Coating
Powder coating is a type of dry coating which is applied as a free flowing dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and is then “cured” under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. It is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is used mainly on metals such as galvanised steel, aluminium, car and vehicle parts. With many environmental advantages our powder coating paint is available in a variety of colours.

Techincal Support 
Whether the paint is needed for machinery, vehicles, pipework, gates, bridges, race tracks, conservatories, steel work, fencing or buildings, we have the reliable products to suit all needs. Importantly, we have the proven track record of a first class service from initial application advice through to speedy delivery and aftercare support. We also understand that technical support begins before the paint is even applied, Our Technical Support team are experienced in all areas including application, help with finding the right product for the job, quantity evaluation as well as advice on pre-treatments, avoidance of waste, cleaning and problem solving.

Woco Colour Specifications 
These days colour choice is so important to the customer and a high quality finish is expected every time. With colour approval from hundreds of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) we offer our paints in the full RAL, BS4800 and BS381C colour ranges. We can also “tint” paints to suit colours of individual choice and offer a bespoke colour matching service. We can tint paints to customers’ requirements in all decorative finishes, be it gloss, vinyl matt, vinyl silk, eggshell, acrylic eggshell, mid sheen, scrubbable matt, or satin. For wood care and joinery products we stock the products that enhance and protect the beautiful appearance of wood and also provide outstanding paint products that are easy to apply for both internal and external use.

British Coatings Federation (BCF) Ltd 
We are proud to be members of the BCF, a body which encourages industry best practices and helps drive international changes and improvements for individual paint, coatings, printing inks and wall coverings companies. The BCF also provide training initiatives and forums to ensure that members are kept up to date with industry requirements and the latest product technologies.



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